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    RICHIE CAMPANELLI (@PowerBetSports)

    Dodgers @ Giants 

    C. Knebel v L. Webb

    L. Webb O5.5 Ks (+120) bet 1u to win 1 

    Going back to the well here with Webb to go over his Strikeouts and Outs. Webb has gone over 5.5Ks 11 of his last 13, 3 Consecutive, had 10-5-5-7 in his 4 outings vs the Dodgers grabbing 10 last time out(playoffs). When Home Webb has hit this 7 straight, 10 of 14 home games, 28.2 career K% vs 117 Total Dodgers batters. In 3 regular season games vs Dodgers he went 16IP, 4R, 17Ks during plays offs 1 game 7.2 IP 10 strikeouts for a 24.2 IP, 27Ks total vs Dodgers Webb on season averaged a 83.3 pitch count with a 32% Called Strike Plus Whiff Rate vs the Dodgers he has a 86 Pitch count average and a 39% Called Strike Plus Whiff Rate. Season K/9 9.59, K% 26.5. I like him vs the Dodgers Home tonight with some Run Support from his Offense early I think could help him breathe easy and get it done tonight! 

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