• It’s a Christmas miracle! Not only is it a great day for the NBA, but you’re getting some free action on it from Richie. Gotta love this time of year.

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    Richie’s Free Play Record: 8-9 -1.22 units

    RICHIE CAMPANELLI (@PowerBetSports)

    Phoenix has been hot as of late and came even hotter. Covering this prop in 10 straight averaging 14.9 Points last 10. Over the last 10 he averages 10.3 FGA, 6.7 3PA. Shooting a 44.1% FG% and a 43.1% 3P%. Cam has covered this both times Vs the Warriors this season grabbing 14 and 10. On the Season CJ averages 10.7 points with a median number at 12.

    Little X-Mas bonus 

    For a little Christmas present Ill hint you to look at his Pts + Rebs O14.5 as well which he averaged 20 over the last 10!  I’m backing Cam on this beautiful day of sports!! He’s averaging 6 rebounds over his last 10 and 8 over the last 5. For the Free Play we’re going with Cam Points O10.5!! Good Luck and Happy Holidays 


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