• The Suns went even more all-in in the offseason, trading whatever assets they could scrounge together and matching salary to acquire Bradley Beal. The thought was to obtain three superstars and then surround them with enough capable role players to create a top-tier contender. There was plenty of potential for rotation players to nab larger roles – let’s get into the players and see if that happened! You can refresh yourself on our dynasty ranking criteria here.

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    Dynasty Risers

    Grayson Allen (180-210)

    Allen has been a fantastic complementary player in Phoenix. We’re expecting Allen to stick around in Phoenix on a long-term deal, which should cement his current fantasy production for the next few seasons.

    Allen has since agreed to a four-year, near $70 million contract extension, buoying the prior statement that he may stick around for a while in a similar capacity.

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