• All-30 2024 NBA Dynasty Review: Miami Heat

    A slightly unfair but very truthful end of the season leads the Heat to a weird spot overall: Do we build around our young franchise players, or do we keep chasing a chip while Jimmy Butler continues to lead us when healthy? The offseason will represent a major decision point for the Miami organization, but until that time arrives, let’s take a look at their current roster for dynasty purposes.

    Dynasty Risers

    Bam Adebayo (25-35)

    The soon-to-be 27-year-old center has become Miami’s most important player, a defensive anchor with a versatile offensive game that turns him into a pillar of Erik Spoelstra’s rotation. Bam picked up his third All-Star Selection and had yet another season of fantasy solidness through 71 games. 

    If there’s a player that won’t be wearing any other team’s jersey for years to come, it’s him without a doubt. Adebayo is reaching his prime years while being the blueprint player that franchises like the Heat look for.

    Jaime Jaquez Jr. (125-145)

    Nobody in this article will rise as much as Jaime Jaquez Jr. did in 2023-2024. While the opportunities were sort of inconsistent during the first half of the season, it’s how the season ended for him that has us very encouraged and confident to say he’s in Miami to stay.

    A combination of solid defense, scoring and playmaking, along with a grittiness to his whole game is what will have Jaquez staying as one of the Heat’s most important pieces in the present and future. Much of his possible output as a fantasy player will have to do with the futures of Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler, as if one of those names leaves Miami during the offseason, more minutes and touches should come through Jaquez’s way, and a breakout season shouldn’t be out of the question.

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