• The Lakers are set at the top with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Given that, there are a ton of question marks surrounding the roster around these two superstars. As the Lakers should be aiming to go all-in, it’s worth the time to look at how the peripheral players are performing. Let’s dive into it! As a reminder, you can check out our dynasty ranking criteria here.

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    Dynasty Risers

    Austin Reaves (70-90)

    Reaves has clearly proved last year’s breakout was no fluke. While it’s unlikely he can pump the usage up further, there’s also strong stability with Reaves as a useful starting combo guard. Don’t expect much more than what we’ve seen, but you can be more confident of his production for the long-term.

    Dynasty Neutrals

    LeBron James (65-85)

    James is one of the clearest examples of a player whose value means everything for a contender and nearly nothing for a rebuilding team. But Father Time has yet to rear his head on James, so as long as he’s putting up fantastic production he’ll maintain his value for contending dynasty teams.

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