• Jrue Holiday
    PG, Milwaukee Bucks

    Jrue Holiday joins the Bucks on Tuesday after the four-team trade became official.

    The Bucks gave up a lot to acquire Holiday's services: 2025 first round pick, 2027 first round pick, 2024 pick swap and 2026 pick swap to New Orleans; George Hill to Oklahoma City; draft rights to RJ Hampton to Denver. The Bucks also received the rights to the 60th selection in the 2020 draft, Sam Merrill, as part of the deal. That is a lot to give up for Holiday but the Bucks are going all-in to try and show Giannis Antetokounmpo that they can build a championship roster as the Greek Freak can walk after this upcoming season. From a fantasy perspective, Holiday might take a small step back with the Bucks as he will be lower on the totem pole from an offensive perspective.

    Source: NBA.com

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