• Kira Lewis Jr.
    G, College

    Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, GM Scott Perry and senior VP William Wesley had dinner with Kira Lewis Jr. in Miami on Monday.

    The Knicks have had a desperate need for a quality point guard for some time now and the 6-foot-3 Alabama point guard has drawn some interest from the team. They currently hold the 8th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Lewis was one of the players chosen by the team for their 10 league-allowed in-person workouts. He may be undersized especially in a time where the trend is to go for big guards for teams' ability to play positionless basketball, Lewis is a known speedster and has been rising in the draft boards over the last few months. And while the interest is genuine, "anything can happen on draft day," as they say.

    Source: NY Post.com

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