• Nikola Jokic
    C, Denver Nuggets

    Nikola Jokic popped in a team-high 15 points in Thursday's 97-120 loss to the Clippers in Game 1, adding just three rebounds, three assists and a 6-of-14 shooting line.

    The Nuggets got stomped in this one, with the final score a little more flattering than it should be thanks to some garbage time. Denver just had to empty the tank to get through Utah and ran into a well-rested Clippers squad tonight, though the rest gap will never close with the playoffs going every-other-day. Jokic is going to need to dominate his matchups but was unable to do that tonight as the Nuggets got rolled. Bol Bol checked in with four points, a steal, a block and a 3-pointer, which hopefully gave Nuggets fans something to smile about.

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