• Monte Morris
    PG, Denver Nuggets

    Monte Morris expressed his desire to remain with the Nuggets for the longterm, stating the he would "love to get an extension here" in an interview with The Denver Post on Friday.

    Morris was not light in his personal assessment of his situation with the Nuggets. “I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone,” Morris told Mike Singer of The Denver Post. “I would love to get an extension here. I love Denver. I love everything from the organization to the coaches all the way down to equipment, to everyone. Me, personally, hopefully, if it goes that way. I would love to be in Denver for however long.” That sounds like a player who is set on staying put, but it remains to be seen if the two sides will be able to come to terms on an extension. The Nuggets, it seems, would stand to benefit from a longterm relationship with Morris, as well. Morris played 22.4 minutes per game (73 games) and averaged 9.0 PTS, 3.5 AST and 1.9 REB in 2019-20.

    Source: The Denver Post