• Mohamed Bamba
    C, Orlando Magic

    Speaking to the media on Monday, Magic GM Jeff Weltman revealed that Mo Bamba is still dealing with some issues stemming from his case of COVID-19.

    Bamba was ruled out of the league's restart and doctors ruled out any long-term complications from his bout with COVID after a second evaluation, but it's definitely concerning that Bamba's still dealing with some problems. Weltman said, "Mo is still kind of dealing with the back end of some of his COVID-related issues, and we’re still working through some of that. But again, Mo’s been working his tail off, and I think he’s in a good place." First and foremost, hopefully Bamba is able to return to full health. His ongoing battle only underscores how serious the pandemic is and how seriously people should be treating the virus. Secondly, this might impact Bamba's ability to put a full offseason together, which would be the third such dead period in a row for a guy that hasn't been able to sustain success at the NBA level.

    Source: The Athletic

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