• Danilo Gallinari
    SF, Atlanta Hawks

    In a conference call with season ticket holders, GM Travis Schlenk said that John Collins will begin training camp as the starting power forward while Danilo Gallinari will be coming off the bench.

    Schlenk said "we made it clear to him the role he was signing up for was to backup John. He made the decision eyes wide open. We try to be transparent with all our guys. He knew what he was signing up for and that’s where I anticipate it starting." It is also worth noting that there are some conflicting reports in this so we can't set anything in stone just yet. For now, we do know that the Atlanta Hawks opening day roster is something to watch as draft season draws closer. There are a lot more mouths to feed in Atlanta which could decrease the values of the players who see their minutes shrink.

    Source: Steve Harding on Twitter

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