• Alec Burks
    SG, Golden State Warriors

    Anthony Slater of The Athletic names Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson as the two candidates most likely to be traded from the Warriors.

    Burks has been bandied about as a trade candidate pretty much since the season began and Robinson has been able to salvage his career with a solid season for the Warriors. That said, the market for 6th (but ideally 7th) man scorers has dried up after the Jordan Clarkson trade, and Derrick Rose still figures to be a more attractive target for teams seeking to fill that role. It is still somewhat likely that one or both of these players gets traded for a 2nd round pick, though they stand to lose a lot of fantasy value if that were the case. For what it's worth, the piece also mentions D'Angelo Russell as coveted target of the Timberwolves, as has been widely reported, but it still doesn't make sense for the Warriors to move on from their prized free agent acquisition after only half of a lost season.

    Source: The Athletic

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