BravesCast: Catching Up

On this episode, John and Jeremy do some catching up. They talk about the pitching and defensive woes for the Braves. Then the guys dive into the hot hitting Olson and Riley. The guys also discuss the remaining schedule to see what the future holds for Atlanta and wrap it all up with some Minor League talk.

BravesCast: It’s Everywhere

John and Jeremy talk about a variety of topics dealing with the Braves. They talk about possible trade candidates for the Atlanta Braves roster. They also talk about former braves who they have enjoyed seeing play recently. They talk about the ups and downs over the last week plus for the Atlanta Braves club. They look ahead to the Boston and Milwaukee series coming up. And finally, they take a swing around the Braves minor-league affiliates. 

BravesCast: First Half Recap

John is joined by Kyle to discuss the impressive first half for the Braves. The guys breakdown the ups and downs and discuss what the Braves will need to do to generate momentum heading into the second half of the season. Later the guys discuss the All-Star Game and a little bit of MLB Draft. TUNE IN!

BravesCast: Hotter than Fish Grease!

On this episode, John and Jeremy discuss the blistering hot Braves. The guys discuss the series win over the Phillies, followed by a really impressive series win over the Red. Later the guys dive into the college World Series and the LSU Tigers. John and Jeremy wrap it up with a little bit of draft talk.

BravesCast: The Rockies got Rocked

The crew quickly discuss the impressive four-game sweep of the Rockies by the Braves. They talk about who’s hitting and who is throwing the ball well. They discuss the upcoming series with the Phillies. Then they discussed their favorite baseball movies and finally they take a look around the Farm System.

BravesCast: Poor Larry

On this episode, John, Jeremy and Kyle reminisce about the sweep of the Mets and winning the two series versus the Tigers and nationals. They talk about the interesting TV broadcast that the Braves had on Thursday against the Mets. They also discuss Spencer Strider‘s struggles, and what they would like to see him do to come out these.

BravesCast: Red Hot Rosario

On this episode, John and Jeremy discuss Eddie Rosario‘s incredible weekend against the Diamondbacks. They talk about the awesome comeback victory on Sunday and some fantastic pitching this weekend. Later in the show the guys discuss the upcoming Mets series.

BravesCast: Bad Bullpen Again?!

On this episode, John, Jeremy and Kyle discuss the recent struggles of the bullpen for the Atlanta Braves. They talk about how good it is to have Michael Soroka back in the rotation. They also talk about who’s hot in the lineup and who is not. Finally, they do talk about Jeremy‘s recent trip to the battery this past weekend.

BravesCast: It’s Up and Then It’s Down

On this episode, John and Jeremy, discuss the recent ups and downs of the Braves. They talk about the series with the Dodgers, and the series with the Mariners. They preview the series with the Phillies over the memorial day weekend. Finally, they talk about bobble heads, their favorites and ones they would like to have.

BravesCast: Raking Against the Rangers

John and Kyle dive into the series win against the Rangers. The guys discuss the ups and downs of the series and highlight exactly what led to the series win. The guys also discuss the changes in the Braves infield over the past few seasons and the impact it has and could continue to have.

BravesCast: The Jays Give the Braves the Blues

After a outpouring of hitting against the Rangers the Braves struggle to find ways to put runs on the board against the Blue Jays. John and Jeremy discuss the last game against the Rangers and the unfortunate sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays.

BravesCast: American League Homestand

Jeremy and John are back to breakdown the latest news from the Braves. Including the series against the Red Sox, Orioles and Blue Jays. The guys discuss the injury bug, who should be called up to fill the gaps and much more.

BravesCast: Mopping the Floor with the Mets

The Atlanta Braves walk into New York and take two out of three against the Mets then carry the momentum to take both games from the Marlins. John and Jeremy are back to discuss what has gone right for the Braves, including the recent hot streak from Marcell Ozuna.

BravesCast: Atlanta to the Apple

The Braves take three out of four from the Marlins. Next up, a trip to the Big Apple to face the division rival Mets. John and Kyle breakdown the Marlins series and discuss what the Braves need to do to take the series from the Mets. Tune in!

BravesCast: We See You Strider

We are rolling three deep! Last show we gas up the bullpen this show...well not so much. The Braves bullpen dropped the ball during the Astros series. Jeremy, John and Kyle breakdown the woes against the Stros and the stand out performance from Strider against Miami.