BullsCast: Chicago Bulls Offseason Primer

Keith and Trey meet up after a long break to discuss what lies ahead for the Chicago Bulls. Who do they re-sign and how can they turn this sinking ship around? Believe it or not, there are some hopeful moments in this pod, so tune in and get ready for the ride!

BullsCast: Chicago Bulls Trivia Show!

Keith and his brother Brandon try to answer Bulls questions cooked up by Trey in this fun episode. Think you can do better than our host? Who will win? It's a must-listen for all Bulls fans from the '90s onwards!

BullsCast: Uncertain Future and Present for the Bulls

Keith and Trey recap a close loss to the Kings and talk play-in picture plus the Bulls' draft pick situation. Will the Portland pick convert? Do they have a chance for a top-4 pick? How will they manage life without Lonzo? Lots of questions, hopefully we have answers!

BullsCast: Chicago Bulls in the Pat Bev Era

Keith and Trey finally find some time to get together and discuss what the Bulls have been doing since adding Patrick Beverley. What are their odds to make the play in? Would it make more sense to tank? Here are your answers!

BullsCast: Chicago Bulls Trade Special

Should the Chicago Bulls blow it up? Keith and Trey welcome Steven Bagell onto the pod to discuss likely trade scenarios for the Chicago Bulls. Are DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, or Alex Caruso on the move?

BullsCast: Chicago Bulls Week 8 in Review: More…

Keith & Trey return to cry about a close loss to the Atlanta Hawks as well as some nice wins over the Mavericks and Wizards. Can the Bulls turn this ship around or should we join the growing chorus asking the Bulls to sell?