Brought to you by FSWA Fantasy Writer of the Year award winner Aaron Bruski, Fantasy NBA Today host Dan Besbris, 30-DEEP champion Mike Passador and more!

  • Includes the Bruski 150 (Released 10/7)

  • 400+ Player Profiles, Hand-Crafted B150 Projections

  • More Articles & Analysis Than Any Other Draft Guide


For me, the Draft Guide hustle has always been about my own prep for high stakes leagues. And this is easily the best guide I've seen produced. Our team has gotten so sharp. Mike Passador is a beast. We have so many big brains working on stuff. The competition has no chance.

Aaron Bruski, Founder
Hoop Ball


Draft Guide

  • Study until your eyes spin with 30+ articles, mock drafts, Dynasty coverage, team breakdowns and 400+ player profiles
  • Use projections, format specific-rankings, tier reports, ADP reviews and other next level analysis to get ready for your draft
  • Bruski 150 added to the Guide on Oct 7


  • GAMETIME Premium covers you throughout the regular season (and offseason for Dynasty owners)
  • Use our tools, articles and daily interaction with our pros to help formulate strategies specific to your team
  • Projections and ranks all season long

PRO Package

  • Get the 2019 Hoop Ball Fantasy Draft Guide and dominate your draft
  • Use GAMETIME Premium to keep your foot on the gas all season long
  • Whether you want to keep it easy (and win) or you want to throttle all 10 of the leagues you play in, our platform has you covered

Bruski 150 A La Carte

  • No Time to study? Get the ranks to end all other ranks
  • Get early access to the B150 on September 23 ahead of your competition
  • Make your moves before the market moves


Constantly updated throughout September and October, we launch in late August with the industry's most comprehensive player and team analysis.

This foundation gives fantasy owners deep insight across the entire player pool so when October hits there are no surprises.

The 2019 Hoop Ball Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide starts off with:

  • Player Profiles (EASILY the deepest and best profiles in the industry ... 30-team league owners rejoice!)
  • Team Profiles
  • Depth Charts
  • Schedule Grid and Analysis
  • MPG Projections by Division

Start checking off some boxes with essentials such as:

  • 2nd and 3rd Year Player Analysis
  • Percentage Killers
  • High Mileage Report
  • Schedule Analysis

Rankings and Projections (see dates)

  • Full 8/9 Category Projections (September 27)
  • The Bruski 150 (October 7)
  • Points League Rankings (October 10)
  • Auction Values and Ranks (October 10)
  • Tier Reports (October 11)

Interactive Benefits

  • Live Draft Guide Q&A Shows with Dan Besbris, Aaron Bruski and other Hoop Ball Experts
  • Premium Member Mock Drafts
  • Mock Draft Analysis for Most Standard Formats

Complimentary Draft Tool

  • RotoBalance App for Android (Powered by the B150)

Dynasty GMs enjoy our growing and comprehensive coverage including:

  • Deep Dynasty League Review
  • Regularly Updated Dynasty Rankings

Enjoy basic strategy articles with something for both beginners and expert players:

  • Punting Strategy
  • Dynasty Strategy
  • DFS Strategy Series

Articles added throughout Draft Season

  • ADP Reports
  • Sleepers
  • Busts
  • Risk/Reward Picks
  • Shutdown Candidates
  • Rookie Report
  • Hoop Ball Staff Roundtable
  • Triple-One / Money Counting Stat Guys
  • Pace Report
  • Second Half Sensations
  • Contract Year Players
  • Deep Dive on Punting Strategy
  • Players to Reach For
  • The Hoop Ball Six

"Hi Aaron - I wanted to drop you a personal note thanking you for all of your analysis this year. I won over $50,000 in the NFBKC leagues and was unbelievably close to another $18,000 that I just missed out on. I've been playing high stakes fantasy for a while and you are one of the top three fantasy minds in my opinion. See you next year!"

NFBKC Champion, CG

Ready. Set. Dominate.

No other Draft Guide consistently beats the competition like ours does. With over 400+ Detailed Player Profiles, Handcrafted Projections, the Bruski 150 and more it's not a fair fight. Stop what you're doing and get the Draft Guide now!

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Complimentary for Draft Guide Subscribers

RotoBalance App for Android

We performed statistical analysis on thousands of fantasy basketball leagues from the 2016-2019 seasons. The goal was to find out if there is a correlation between the size of the leagues and the amount of each stat you need to win the category.

The answer is yes! We found exactly how much of each stat you need to compete in your league, and it depends on the league's size. We do that research as a foundation of Hoop Ball's Draft Guide and the projections used for the Bruski 150.

Now, we're bringing that research to you in an app that will help you draft a strong, but balanced squad so you don't waste picks on players that might be inefficient for your particular squad or team build. The app is free for Hoop Ball Draft Guide subscribers and we are going to continue building this out so you guys can keep dominating your leagues!

"For Head-to-Head players that prefer a simple, generalized view of their draft progress so they can focus on overall strategy, RotoBalance can't be beat. Powered by B150 projections you get simplicity and the right numbers all in one place."

- Aaron Bruski, FSWA Award Winner and Founder of Hoop Ball



Ready. Set. Dominate!

Brought to you by FSWA Fantasy Writer of the Year award winner Aaron Bruski, Fantasy NBA Today host Dan Besbris, 30-DEEP champion Mike Passador and more!