Trade Deadline 2023: Philadelphia 76ers Mock Deadline

  • GM: Adam Aaronson, @sixersadam

    Salary Cap: $151,445,847

    Luxury Tax: -$1,178,847

    GOAL: Get out of the luxury tax while still finding upgrades for the roster in pursuit for a championship. Traditionally, a team this close to getting out of the tax almost always does it by the deadline


    • Get out of the luxury tax & acquire the best player you can get to help compete for a championship

    • Assess market for Matisse Thybulle, who’s on an expiring contract and has a mid-tier contract to move

    o   Matisse + Korkmaz can get you to $11,824,408 in salary matching, but that would put you deeper into the tax

    • Who is most likely to be a salary dump to get under the tax? Jaden Springer?

    Players to Dangle

    Tobias Harris (2/$76.9)

    o   Sixers don’t have any draft picks to trade so unlikely they can use Tobias’ contract to get a stud, but his name has been in trade rumors for years at this point

    o   Salary: $37,633,050

    o   Can salary match up to $47,141,312

    Furkan Korkmaz (2/$10.4)

    o   Salary: $5,000,000

    o   Salary match up to $6,350,000, but again, tax is the dilemma

    Matisse Thybulle (1/$4.4)

    o   Salary: $4,379,527

    o   Salary match up to $5,574,408

    o   He’s an expiring deal – so while you always could sign-and-trade him this offseason, your best move may be packaging him with Korkmaz/House to get an upgrade

    Danuel House (2/$8.4 w/ PO in ‘23-’24)

    o   Salary: $4,105,000

    o   Can match up to $5,231,250 if in the tax

    Georges Niang (1/$3.4)

    o   Salary: $3,465,000

    o   Can match up to $4,431,250

    o   Niang is least likely to be moved in a salary match, but his salary is an option if a major upgrade presented itself

    Jaden Springer (3/$8.4 w/ TO in ‘24-’25)

    o   Salary: $2,125,200

    o   Is he going to get salary dumped to get under the tax?

    Trade Targets

    • Alex Caruso would be the absolute dream scenario, but Sixers likely don’t have enough assets to afford him
    • Gary Harris & Terrence Ross
    • Jae Crowder
    • Malik Beasley
    • Gary Trent Jr.
    • Reggie Bullock
    • Kelly Oubre
    • Eric Gordon
    • Will Barton
    • Luke Kennard
    • Cam Reddish
    • Essentially any wing that can be an upgrade on Thybulle & Korkmaz

    Assets Owned

    • 2024 1st
    • 2025 1st (top six protected to OKC)
    • 2026 1st (top four protected to OKC if ‘25 not conveyed)
    • 2027 1st (top four protected to OKC if ‘25 & ‘26 not conveyed)
    • 2028 1st (top 8 protected to BKN)
    • 2029 1st

    o   Can’t trade any firsts because of Stepien Rule

    • 2023 2nd (more favorable of CHA, ATL, & BKN)

    o   This pick will likely pick 32-34 in the draft, so you can trade it as it’s your only appealing pick, but need to be sure it would be for an upgrade

    • 2027 2nd
    • 2028 2nd
    • 2029 2nd



    Be sure to check back in over the next few weeks with the trade deadline window open now in our first annual mock trade deadline to see what mock transactions have been executed. The Mock Trade Deadline will conclude on February 2

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