Trade Deadline 2023: Oklahoma City Thunder Mock Deadline

  • GM: John Hamm, @JonMHamm

    Salary Cap: $142,394,636

    Luxury Tax: $7,872,364

    GOAL: Continue what you’ve been doing: keep asset building. However, it might be time to start consolidating assets to move but still need to remain patient with the rebuild.


    • You have two decent size TPEs…. Don’t be afraid to take on salary into one of them if a pick is attached to it

    o   However, due to the amount of dead money on the books, you need to be conscious of your tax situation

    • Consider trading Darius Bazley if you don’t have the intent of re-signing him

    • Consider trading Mike Muscala, plenty of teams can utilize a big who can shoot

    Players to Dangle

    Darius Bazley (1/$4.2)

    o   Salary: $4,264,629

    o   Can match up to $7,563,100

    Mike Muscala (2/$7 w/ TO in 2023-24)

    o   Salary: $3,500,000

    o   Can match up to $6,225,000

    o   These are the only two guys I can really see OKC putting on the block and also gauging interest from other teams. Maybe OKC would move Tre Mann, but these are the two immediate guys I see them trying to move.

    Assets Owned

    • TPE: $10,183,800
    • TPE: $4,220,057
    2023 1st (more favorable of OKC and LAC)
    • 2024 1st
    • 2024 HOU 1st (top four protected, if not conveyed then 2024 & 2025 2nd)
    • 2024 LAC 1st
    • 2024 UTA 1st (top 10 protected in ‘24 & ‘25, top 8 protected in ‘26)
    • 2025 MIA 1st (top 14 protected)
    • 2025 1st (most favorable of OKC, LAC, & HOU (HOU top 10 protected)
    • 2025 PHI 1st (top six protected)
    • 2026 1st
    • 2026 LAC 1st
    • 2026 HOU 1st (top four protected)
    • 2027 DEN 1st (could convert to 2028 1st top five protected)
    • 2027 1st
    • 2028 1st
    • 2029 1st
    • 2023 2nd (most favorable of a) own b) WAS or b) most favorable of DAL & MIA)
    • 2024 2nd (less favorable of CHA & MIN)
    • 2025 2nd (most favorable of MEM & BOS)
    • 2025 PHI 2nd
    • 2026 2nds (two most favorable of OKC, DAL, & PHI)
    • 2027 2nds (three most favorable of OKC, HOU, IND, & MIA)
    • 2028 2nd
    • 2028 UTA 2nd
    • 2029 2nd
    • 2029 ATL 2nd



    Be sure to check back in over the next few weeks with the trade deadline window open now in our first annual mock trade deadline to see what mock transactions have been executed. The Mock Trade Deadline will conclude on February 2

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