Trade Deadline 2023: Mock Deadline Introduction

  • I’d like to start off with a welcome to all readers, followers, subscribers and all participants who are reading this! This is my second annual Mock Trade Deadline for SportsEthos and this year we expanded it even further.

    As you’ll see below, we have 30 participants, each representing one NBA team in negotiations. These kind folks are beat writers, reporters and podcasters of the NBA team they were assigned, while others are general NBA media or CBA/Front Office and Salary Cap experts.

    With this large variety of basketball knowledge assembled, I anticipate this becoming one of the biggest Mock Trade Deadlines in the world for everyone to follow along with each year! Each team page will feature a full agenda so you can figure out what each team is expecting to do leading up to February’s trade deadline, including the decisions they’re facing, players they’re targeting, and what players fans can expect to be dangled in trade talks.

    Hopefully our participants, as well as those following along, find this guide helpful. If you have any questions on how the process works or any advice on what can be improved upon, follow me on Twitter @BirdRightsPod and message me. Alternatively, you can email me at Thank you for reading!

    Steven R. Bagell, J.D.
    Host of Bird Rights Pod

    There’s a few other rules we should go over before we jump into the frenzy of the deadline; some of the nitty gritty things that will make life more difficult for trading partners.

    Salary Matching 101


    Salary Matching as a Luxury Tax Paying Team

    Taxpaying teams can take back 125% of outgoing salary + $100,000.

    Example: Taxpaying team sends out $10 million in salary, they can take back $12.6 million

    Salary Matching as Non-Luxury Tax Paying Team

    $1-$6.5 million: Non-tax paying team can bring back 175% of the outgoing salary plus $100,000

    Example: Non-taxpaying team sends out $6.5 million in salary, they can take back as much as $11,475,000

    $6.5 million-$19.6 million: Outgoing salary + $5 million

    Example: Non-tax paying team sends out $10 million in salary, they can take back $15 million

    More than $19.6 million: Non-tax paying team can bring back $125% of outgoing salary plus $100,000

    Example: Same as requirements for a Luxury Tax Paying Team (Taxpaying teams can take back 125% of outgoing salary + $100,000.)

    Be on the lookout for other teams’ TPEs. You may be able to salary match to bring in player X and Y, but player Z may be able to taken in via TPE. 

    Stepien Rule

    Remember that you can’t trade draft picks in consecutive years… so if you only have one 2023 first and trade it, you must have a 2024 first… if you want to trade multiple picks, then you have to trade 2023 & 2025, for example.

    The Roster

    *Hosted by SportsEthos Salary Cap and Front Office Expert Steven Bagell

    Team Representative Team Representative
    Atlanta Hawks @jaredrossking Miami Heat @BirdRightsPod
    Boston Celtics @adamtaylornba Milwaukee Bucks @wojtek_kowalik1
    Brooklyn Nets @corbannba Minnesota Timberwolves @laltennba
    Charlotte Hornets @williamisbill New Orleans Pelicans @anilgognanba
    Chicago Bulls @finalfinally New York Knicks @jaredrusso
    Cleveland Cavaliers @amnotevan Oklahoma City Thunder @JonMHamm
    Dallas Mavericks @CBAMavs Orlando Magic @jespvagberg
    Denver Nuggets @asherlevynba Philadelphia 76ers @sixersadam
    Detroit Pistons @david_roberts19 Phoenix Suns @garrettbugay
    Golden State Warriors @gswcba Portland Trail Blazers @matissa15
    Houston Rockets @alley_oop_coop Sacramento Kings @bsbpkeith
    Indiana Pacers @MG_Schindler San Antonio Spurs @N_Magaro
    Los Angeles Clippers @yossigozlan Toronto Raptors @justesbaraheni
    Los Angeles Lakers @samquinncbs Utah Jazz @2redJUrl
    Memphis Grizzlies @NBADWill21 Washington Wizards @mattmodderno
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