Trade Deadline 2023: Golden State Warriors Mock Deadline


    Salary Cap: $189,494,173

    Luxury Tax: -$39,227,173

    GOAL: Continue to pursue rings but reduce monstrous luxury tax bill if possible


    • Assess whether it’s worth trading Wiseman/Kuminga/Moody in search of more depth in the quest for a fifth ring in nine years

    o   What is Wiseman’s trade value right now?

    • Reduce luxury tax bill, but quite frankly, I’m not sure who that comes at the expense of

    • Reminder: Andrew Wiggins cannot be traded this season because he signed an extension on October 15, 2022

    Players to Dangle

    James Wiseman (2/$21.7 w/ TO in 2023-24)

    o   Do you sell low on him at the expense of trying to win another championship and add depth?

    o   Salary: $9,603,360

    o   Can salary match up to $12,104,200 if necessary, but that would just add to the luxury tax bill

    o   Targets:

    • Charlotte Hornets
    • Chicago Bulls
    • Dallas Mavericks
    • Detroit Pistons
    • Indiana Pacers
    • New York Knicks
    • Orlando Magic
    • San Antonio Spurs

    o   Suggested trade: James Wiseman + 1st for Jakob Poeltl
    o   Only issue is Poeltl is a free agent, so unsure if he’d re-sign or not

    • Toronto Raptors
    • Washington Wizards
    • Would Brooklyn or the Clippers take a shot on him?

    Jonathan Kuminga (3/$19.4 w/ TO in 2023-24 & ‘24-25)

    o   I can’t imagine they trade him, but if a star becomes available (Beal? LaVine?) they would have to at least consider it

    o  Salary: $5,739,960

    o   Packaging Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody, and DiVincenzo can get you to $29,579,350 in salary matching

    Donte DiVincenzo (2/$9.3 w/ PO in 2023-24)

    o   Only mid-tier salary guy (aside from Looney), so his name will come up in trade rumors automatically as the Warriors search to upgrade their bench

    o   Salary: $4,500,000

    o   Can match up to $5,725,000

    Moses Moody (3/$13.5 w/ TO in 2023-24 & ‘24-25)

    o   See Kuminga above

    Patrick Baldwin Jr. (4/$11.4 w/ TO in 2024-25 & ‘25-26)

    o   See Kuminga, Moody above

    Ryan Rollins (3/$4.7 w/ partial gtd in 2024-25)

    o   Ditto for the rest of the young guys, how many would they realistically package for upgrades as it appears their title window is closing

    Assets Owned

    • 2023 1st
    • 2024 1st (top four protected to MEM)
    • 2025 1st (top one protected to MEM if 2024 1st doesn’t convey)
    • 2026 1st (to Memphis if ‘24 or ‘25 first doesn’t convey)

    o   This will likely be Golden State’s first available tradeable first

    • 2027 1st
    • 2028 1st
    • 2029 1st
    • 2025 CHA 2nd (protected 31-55)
    • 2026 MEM 2nd (protected 31-42)
    • 2027 2nd
    • 2028 2nd
    • 2029 2nd



    Be sure to check back in over the next few weeks with the trade deadline window open now in our first annual mock trade deadline to see what mock transactions have been executed. The Mock Trade Deadline will conclude on February 2

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