*If we can’t win…at least we can whine*

    The holiday season is now in full swing and folks, it can be rough. You can be gallivanting around at your local mall, elbow to elbow with other last minute holiday shoppers and still feel like you’re a solitary ornament on a tree. You’re in what Kramer would describe as “a lonely place even when you’re stuck in traffic on the Hollywood freeway.” Mikal Bridges could have just shot 4-of-24 from the field, making him the coldest sun since Mr. Burns hatched the plan that nearly got him killed. But whatever way you slice it, this article and much more importantly the SportsEthos Forum Community that we, the downtrodden fantasy players, are creating will warm our hearts with the power of a thousand menorah candles.


    Thanksgiving is now a waving parent in the rear view mirror, saying “goodbye” as their only child leaves for college. I’m just now able to fit into a pair of jeans but be that as it may, I’d still like to give some thanks. The appreciation I have for the aforementioned Forum community that has shared their sob stories knows no bounds. From tales of turnover disasters, to trades gone wrong, it has been a treat indeed to not only be able to voice the insanity in my fantasy life but to share in the crazy of others. Please enjoy these snippets from a couple of choice entries, including one by arguably the greatest fantasy basketball podcast host in the land, Dan Besbris:


    Mirza Teletovic, 2016. I needed something like 8 three pointers to win about 1000 dollars in a H2H league, and Mirza was my last add for finals week and a half. He hit 5 in his first game after I picked him up and still had 3 games left. I was golden! Next game he only hit 1 but I figured I only needed 2 more in 2 games, so I’m in great shape.

    Next game, he got hurt 11 minutes in and hit zero.

    Last game of the year was an overload day and I didn’t get a chance to play all of my guys and lost by 1 three pointer. I’m still sick about it.

    Mirza Teletovic cost me 800 dollars. -Dan B


    Guy drafted Malcolm Brogdon 1 spot ahead of me (whom I really wanted). Weeks later, Brogdon gets released to waivers unbeknownst to me to which another guy (below me in waivers) claims him and beats me H2H in the same week! – Tevin30


    Those are amazing, and merely an amuse bouche (that reminds me: I used my final add/drop of this week to pick up Boucher on Wednesday instead or Jalen Duren only to watch JD go off for 19 boards) to the main course of what we’ve got cooking on this now. But misery would love love love even more company! So please dig deep into the recesses (still my favorite subject in school) of your fantasy brain and share with us, your people, the sob stories you’ve had. Perhaps at the end of the season we’ll even put together some sort of list of the most fantabulous submissions we receive. But make no mistake folks, all of our fails and bone headedness deserve to be heard. See you on the Forum!


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