*If we can’t win…at least we can whine*


    I’m not one to ignore the advice of a trained medical professional. When Dr. Nick Riviera, MD, says “we’ll have to improvise,” I listen. On the flip side, Mitch Hedberg pointed out that sometimes Improv needs an E added to the end of it. Those powers combined seem to be an overwhelming prescription this season. Folks, we’ll need to improvise and we dang sure are going to need to improve.


    I’m gonna do a little David Lukner action here, asking and answering my own questions. Does it help when Steph goes 3-of-17 from the field? Yes. Does it suck when the minutes breakdown of last week’s matchup favors your opponent by over 200 minutes? Sure. Am I happy Beth left me? Oh wait, that’s from the show. The point is there are ups and downs (see Saves the Day) and we as humans (or are we dancers?) can’t be blamed for focusing on the glaring negatives that permeate our fantasy seasons.


    I asked some of the fantasy basketball heads I trust the most to weigh in on their baddest of beats so to not only give my own tales of tragedy. What I heard back was shocking. And before I get to what they told me, I would like to officially request the company of all misery kind enough to be reading along to share your basketball boo-hoos with all of us. I will be starting a thread in the SportsEthos forums in which we can all commiserate because there is most definitely hater/commiseration in this dancery. 


    Back to the replies. It’s a funny thing when you ask a group of fantasy basketball players to share their personal failures with you. It’s as if the five stages of grief themselves backflip off of a speaker like the violin player from Yellowcard (man, I’m really in a Pop-Punk mood today). There is a distinct and quite honestly understandable instinct to defend one’s fantasy history. When asked about bad beats or impossible fantasy situations fantasy managers had found themselves in, replies included 

    “I mean…not to pat myself on the back but my Harden draft pick before he was even 

    traded to Houston”



    That’s not a bad beat!!! He did go on to say, “everything else that has ever happened was bad.” So finally some acceptance and possibly some anger.


    “I mean, my team is such a time bomb. I love it so much but the injuries are a comin’.”



    Ok this one I kind of get. Of course this season I wouldn’t know what loving my team looks like if I looked at my roster through the hubble telescope but, the impending doom of the injury bug I can dig. 


    But these are merely a couple of fantasy players I talk to everyday. What I really want to know is your story. What has gone inexplicably wrong for you? You’re not alone. We are here for participation in commiseration. So please share your stories in the sportsethos.com forums for the Sunday Sob Story thread. And always feel free to hit me up @mattmatawaran on twitter so we can share our tears and ultimately, heal through the company of misery. Thanks folks. 

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