• Beautiful Sunday loaded with the NFL Week 18 finale and a full day of NBA games to coincide, and we got some early picks from both sports coming in hot. Let’s get back in the win column!

    Friday’s Results

    Womp womp. My first winless night of picks has finally found its way to arise, as we fell victim to all the insane blowouts that occurred Friday night. At least that was the case for Jalen Johnson and Jarrett Allen, who were on both sides of the same coin, getting blown out and blowing their opponent out, respectively. They were great spots, and I believe they would’ve been real contenders to hit, had their games played out more competitively. Unfortunately for Scottie Barnes, who was actually in a competitive game in the Raptors’ failed comeback, he didn’t attempt a single shot and only recorded one assists in his closing four minutes of run in this matchup. Overall a disappointment, but to make up for it, I have a five-pack of NBA & NFL Pick ‘Ems from Underdog for today’s monster slate!

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