• Wow. 0-3 is pretty impressive, but ultimately it’s 0-1 as we missed the play. I’m loving some stuff on the board tonight though and have a way to link plays to play into narratives I’m feeling pretty confident about in this Pacers-Knicks series. Let’s lock and load.

    Yesterday’s Results

    Bit of a mea culpa here as I wasn’t aware Luka was THAT hurt. He doesn’t look right, and the Mavs are in serious trouble. I’ll want to see him moving better first before jumping back on that train. Jayson Tatum missed every single three-pointer he took, which was impressive, but it didn’t matter much as the Cavs were stomped and he didn’t need to try all that hard. Jalen Williams turned on the jets late and it looked like we had a shot before that game, also, became a blowout in favor of the Thunder. He didn’t play the last four minutes or so, which is when he typically does a bunch of damage as the clutch player on the team.

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