• I’m appalled at my misstep yesterday and it cost me money, but I’m liking the board a whole lot tonight as I’ve said a few times in a few places.

    Yesterday’s Results


    So, if you didn’t tail or read yesterday I accidentally locked in Okongwu O8.5 rebounds when I meant to lock in O12.5 points. I must have somehow confused my Nick Richards play with Okongwu, which was 8.5 on sportsbooks. Of course, the Okongwu points hit while the boards didn’t, costing me money. Pretty bad, but one entry of hundreds won’t be too detrimental in the end (I hope). Jabari Smith Jr. had every chance to hit 13 points and came up just short. I’d play it again and I may do just that after writing this up if the Rockets props are up finally.


    My apologies for the hiatus, everyone, but I’m ready to get back into the win column in my return to the Pick ‘Em streets. My last time out, Brook Lopez was unfortunately ruled out before tipoff with a personal matter. Keegan Murray just simply refused to shoot the basketball in the win vs. the Bulls, attempting just six field goals in the game. Jonathan Kuminga was left out of the offense in Stephen Curry’s 60-point performance in a losing effort vs. the Hawks. Thankfully, Coby White and Isaiah Hartenstein were crashing the boards effectively enough to secure us an even finish my last time out.

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