• Here are some Pick ‘Em plays our team is looking at for Tuesday’s in-season tournament action!

    Yesterday’s Results

    It’s a thing of beauty, baby. $20 into $400 just like that. The Trey Lyles line was quite the sweat, but as I suggested in the Discord, I hedged with a bet on the exact same line (but over) on BetMGM to win back my $20 stake here. Things like this is why you should be in the Discord server.


    Pick ‘Em Lobby

    Cam Reddish U7.5 pts

    I’m going to anticipate that the Lakers are trying to slow down Kevin Durant and Devin Booker and make other people beat them, so you don’t want Reddish on the floor if your aim is defense. I’m looking at Jarred Vanderbilt, who returned and played 14 minutes in his season debut and remembering how the Lakers deployed him in last season’s playoffs at the start of their playoff series. If Vando and the returning Rui Hachimura are going to get minutes, it’s going to come at the expense of Cam Reddish minutes first and Taurean Prince minutes second.

    Grayson Allen O9.5 pts

    If we go with this narrative that the Lakers are going to shut down KD, then we also need to look at the shooters on the team and who needs to pop off. We have Grayson Allen as the obvious guy jumping off the page, but we also have Eric Gordon listed as questionable tonight and this line will surely shift if he’s ultimately ruled out.

    Kevin Durant U29.5 pts

    Kevin Durant is one of the most talented basketball players on the planet and everyone knows it, but he’s also on an extremely thin team when it comes to offensive talent. That is both good and bad for him from a fantasy standpoint. Yes, he’ll be relied upon to produce, but he’ll also draw double teams as teams ask other people on the team to beat them in key games like this in-season tournament game. Look for KD to be a bit more involved in the passing game than the scoring game tonight.


    ThriveFantasy YTD Record: 37-31



    Mitchell Robinson O10.5 rebs + asts

    Looks like we have him projected for 11.5 in both of these categories and I’m just carrying on playing centers against Giannis because they do well as they defend the paint against the lanky former NBA champion. They’re allowed to roam the paint a bit more without the necessity to jump out on a three-point shot from a guy that commands a lot of usage.

    Josh Hart O6.0 rebs

    Josh Hart was made for the playoffs, and that’s the atmosphere we should have here in this in-season tournament game. Hart should see 30+ minutes as a guy that coach Tom Thibodeau absolutely trusts, and he rebounds exceedingly well from the guard position. I like for him to at least hit this mark with a decent chance to go over.

    Kevin Durant U29.5 pts

    See above. Same line.

    Grayson Allen O9.5 pts

    See above. Same line.

    Cam Reddish U11.5 PRA

    Absolutely love this line and let’s scroll up for additional info about how I’m scripting this game. I like this more than the points by themselves though as Reddish can nail a few three-pointers and bury us in points relatively easy.

    Underdog YTD Record: 84-63-6

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