• BIG first day from Nathan and a decent day from Keith, all in all a winning day from both and we’ll take that allllllll day! Let’s get into it on a seven-game slate!

    Yesterday’s Results


    3-2 for me and we had Fred VanVleet without a bucket until late in that ballgame, probably the third quarter but for some reason I’m remembering the fourth quarter. I said in my writeup that we needed him to be engaged on the offensive end and that didn’t happen, but the Rockets cruised to a victory anyways. I’ll do the Nesmith play every dang time when they’re playing Giannis, though now they’ve gone out and added James Johnson, so I’ll probably have to skip it the next time around. He saw plenty of minutes and points, it was just the rebounds and assists that were lacking. Onwards!


    Came up just short, as FVV struggled to knock down his shots for a majority of the night to clear the last leg, but a down shooting night away from a sweep on our debut is something I’ll consider a success. Called my shot on the winners, taking advantage of a PG taking on the Bucs with Coby White clearing his line by 7 P+A. A late scoring surge from Jokic gave us a bit of a scare, but thankfully he was subdued before climbing that bar in a tough matchup vs. Clint Capela. Fox and Turner’s respective hits exposed good matchups and game environments that led to early second and third-quarter cashes en route to a 4-1 night.


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