• Never ask a woman her age, never ask a man his salary, and never ask the Lakers to play well in overtime. I truly am flabbergasted by the clownfoolery of the Los Angeles Lakers; They are playing very satirical and whimsical, but even more with my emotions. Let’s not forget that they are not the only ones who sold. I too feel like Anthony Davis at the free throw line to ice the game; I couldn’t come through. New days, new games, just remember, the 2016 Warriors lost nine games and still had one of the greatest seasons of all time. 


    We’re back and we’re better! My name is Arnold Cadena and I’m going to be breaking down this 4-game slate on this fine Thursday. Surprised that the NBA actually gave us more than 3 games today but I’m more than excited to dissect what they have to offer us. 


    Christmas List:

    5.) A big game soon. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big game from anyone. Like a truly stellar game that we’ll talk about for years. I’m talking about Klay’s 37 points in a quarter or Booker’s 70-point game kind of stuff here. Like wouldn’t it be cool if we saw Zion pop off sometime soon, the sheer dominance that would be on display would be exhilarating. I’m going to list off a couple of other players that I would love to see pop off for the one time. Spida (who at the time of writing this has 27 at half against Dallas, could we see it tonight?), Clarkson, Haliburton, Kyrie, and Luka, who I think has the potential to score 100 points in a game. I’m just saying, they’re only competing with Zubac and his 31-point, 29-rebound performance. 


    Injury Report

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    Thursday’s Props

    Thrive’s Contest Plays of the Day

    Jaren Jackson Jr. O 3.5 BLKS (130 Points)- Giannis and company drive to the lane more often than not and also based off the fact that JJJ is one of the best blockers in the league, given optimal opportunity, he’s going to produce

    Bam Adebayo O 12.5 REBS+ASTS (85 Points)- Bam is always an awesome play when given a line like this. He has the ability to hit this line with rebounds alone and given the amount of time he has with the ball in his hand, he’s always accountable for a couple of assists. 

    Zion Williamson O 13.5 REBS+ASTS (105 Points)- Zion is on the same boat as Bam, he can hit this line with rebounds alone and he gets so much usage that he’s due for assists as well.

    CJ McCollum U 24.5 PTS+ASTS (100 Points)-  The Jazz defend guards really well and CJ hasn’t been rolling the way we’re used to, I don’t think he starts rolling with a line like this. 


    Thursday’s Games (EST)

    (8:00 PM) Miami Heat (-4) @ Houston Rockets (+4) Total: 222

    (8:00 PM) Milwaukee Bucks (+1.5) @ Memphis Grizzlies (-1.5) Total: 226.5

    (9:00 PM) New Orleans Pelicans (-2) @ Utah Jazz (+2) Total: 232.5

    (10:30 PM) Phoenix Suns (+1.5) @ Los Angeles Clippers (-1.5) Total: 220

    Game Picks:

    Heat (-4)

    Bucks (+1.5)

    Pelicans (-2)

    Suns (+1.5)

    Writers Record: 



    DFS Pillar Plays

    Zion Williamson

    Position: PF

    Salary: $9,800

    Zion is him, the Pelicans are great, and there is no way that they let this game slip away from them especially when they’re playing against the Jazz. I expect Williamson to take over this game and propel them to victory.


    Tyler Herro

    Position: PG/SG

    Salary: $8,000

    I need a Herro! I’m holding out for a Herro till the end of the night! Tyler, who is the Herro in question, is going up against the team that gives up a lot of points to backcourts. One thing I noticed is that Herro plays amazing on the second half of back to back which is an added bonus. Regardless, he’s going to be strong, he’s going to be fast and he’s going to pop off in this one.


    Khris Middleton

    Position: SF

    Salary: $6,800

    I like the way Middleton is ramping up and the Bucks have been playing in some big games where Giannis can’t be the only one doing something on this team. No Jrue which means more usage for Middleton to do what he does best in what will be a very competitive game tonight. 


    DFS Value Plays (<$5,000)

    Walker Kessler

    Position: C

    Salary: $4,900

    Kessler is always going to be a good play at this price because he is hitting his value with ease as long as he gets his 20 minutes. The good thing about him is that his upside is high and when he gets rolling, he steamrolls his price. Though he won’t get the start, he will be given ample opportunity to produce.


    Larry Nance Jr. 

    Position: PF/C

    Salary: $4,700

    Yeah, I’m doing it again, Larry Nance Jr. is back and hear me out. I seriously can’t see the Pelicans let this game slip away from them and as we know, when they are in close games, the minutes are allocated to him. Expect a close game and expect him to be productive.


    Jevon Carter 

    Position: PG/SG

    Salary: $4,300

    No Jrue, good price, competitive game and a great player to play in this one tonight. He’ll be getting the spot start in this one which means he will produce as needed. His price is low and his upside is high, I’m all for it. 


    Lineup Builder

    Position Player Name DK Salary
    PG Tyler Herro $8,000
    SG Jevon Carter $4,300
    SF Khris Middleton $6,800
    PF Zion Williamson $9,800
    C Walker Kessler $4,900
    G ??? ???
    F ??? ???
    UTIL ??? ???
    REMAINING BUDGET $16,200 for 3 players
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