Weathering the Impact on Your Fantasy Players (Updated for April 14-16)

  • Those of us who use weather forecasts to gain advantages for our fantasy teams have our work cut out this weekend. A large storm system will impact the central U.S. on Saturday and then move across the Great Lakes region on Sunday. Some rainouts are possible on both days. Managers in leagues that allow daily changes will need to do some swapping while those who set their lineup for the entire weekend will have much to ponder.


    This Weekend’s Greatest Rainout Risks

    • Atlanta at Kansas City (Saturday – medium/high risk)
    • Cleveland at Washington (Saturday – medium/high risk)
    • Baltimore at Chicago White Sox (Sunday – medium/high risk)
    • San Francisco at Detroit (Sunday – medium risk)
    • Philadelphia at Cincinnati (Sunday – high risk)


    Friday’s Games

    Although most games will be played with similar temperatures in the 65-75 degree range and light winds, there are a couple of exceptions:

    Best hitting environment: Kansas City, where gusty winds will blow out to LF for the Royals’ game against the Braves.

    Worst hitting environment: Boston, where cool temps of just 55-60 degrees and an east wind (blowing IN at Fenway) will combine to make it a little more difficult on Red Sox and Angel hitters. Also, Seattle (vs. Colorado), where temps will only be near 50 degrees.

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