• After a very rainy/messy weekend, it looks like this new week will be much drier with fewer rainouts. The main risk is early in the week as a slow-moving storm brings rain to the East Coast. Next weekend will be even better with only low chances of rain at just a handful of MLB parks. This week also brings us a series at Coors (decent weather) and one at Wrigley where, unfortunately, the winds will be blowing in.


    This Week’s Worst Hitting Environments

    Smart fantasy managers realize that cold weather impairs the hitting environment. If you’re deciding between two similar hitters, shy away from the one playing in colder weather. This week’s coldest series and possible “avoids” are:

    • Minnesota at Chicago White Sox (temperatures only in the 40s Tue & Wed)
    • NY Mets at Detroit (temps only in the 40’s for the Tue & Wed games)

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