Weathering the Impact on Your Fantasy Players (April 24-30)

  • Generally, this week you’ll want to target games played in domes and/or traditionally warm/dry locations since many areas will be a tad cool early in the week and then wet late in the week. Fantasy managers should look for every advantage pay attention to weather forecasts so that they can activate hitters who play in favorable hitting environments and/or avoid hitters who face poor hitting environments. As a baseball-loving meteorologist, I am always intrigued when games are scheduled for Wrigley and Coors. Unfortunately, the two series played in those parks this week face less than ideal weather and likely poor hitting environments.

    General Forecast for April 24-30

    The first few days of the week will bring cool to average temps to many MLB cities but at least it will be dry in most areas with minimal rainout chances. However, a large storm will move from the South up to the Mid-Atlantic states and Northeast by Friday, likely causing several rainouts in those areas this weekend.

    Monday-Wednesday Series Weather

    Many of these games will be played in relatively similar temperatures (55-65 degrees) but you can still gain an edge by targeting the following series which will be played in warmer temps:

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    Larry is a meteorologist who was fortunate to have a 36-year career “doing his hobby” with the National Weather Service. He’s a weather weenie who was fascinated by weather in elementary school and graduated with a degree in meteorology from Penn State. He obsesses about fantasy baseball, weather and the Phillies.

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