Fantasy Football Players to Stash for the Playoffs

  • Playoffs? Don’t talk about… playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?

    Yes, it is time to start talking and thinking about playoffs. Fantasy preparation plays a vital role in achieving success in playoff strategies. The best managers prioritize anticipating player matchups during these crucial weeks. As we approach the fantasy playoffs, the window for stashing players is closing rapidly. With only a few games left to be played, it becomes essential to focus on the future and assemble the most competitive roster for playoff time.

    Most fantasy playoffs happen during weeks 15-17. If you have already clinched a playoff spot or a first-round bye, you should already be looking at matchups for those weeks. It would make sense to prioritize those great matchups in the fantasy playoffs rather than prioritizing great matchups next week.

    It’s time to free up your benches and create space for some of these potential stash options.

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