MLB Trade Advice: Buy and Sell Candidates for Week 4

  • As we see the fantasy baseball season entering May, we need to keep a few things in mind. The first is that some players have still yet to get in a groove or have been putting together quality reps and just have been flat-out unlucky thus far. The second thing is to not overhype or get attached to a player who has had a good start to the season because regression to the mean is a common theme in fantasy sports. In this article, I will be listing 3 players who are being undervalued that you should buy. Conversely, I will be listing off 3 players on the flip side that are being overvalued that you should sell on.

    Undervalued Players to Buy

    Miguel Vargas 1B Dodgers

    Vargas is a player with a prospect pedigree, being third-ranked in the Dodgers system. Statistically speaking he has had a rough start to 2023, only slashing .231 BA/0 HR/6 RBI through 83 plate appearances. A common theme in all of my pieces is to trust the talent of the player you are evaluating. He has a .281 xBA which shows that his .231 AVG doesn’t do him justice. Another thing that gives me confidence that his numbers will start falling into place is his unreal plate discipline for a rookie. Vargas is walking 18% of the time (!!) which is top 4% in all of baseball, while only striking out 20% of the time which is around the league average. It is very hard to come by a rookie with elite plate discipline, the hits will begin to fall for Miguel Vargas. Go get him!

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