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    While it might seem that Sacramento took a step back based on last year’s third-place finish, the reality is that the Western Conference took a huge leap in talent and the Kings couldn’t catch up to the new standard. That doesn’t make them any less of a team they were last season. In fact, for dynasty purposes, it’s safe to say things haven’t been clearer for the Kings.

    Dynasty Risers

    Domantas Sabonis (20-30)

    When you think he can’t get any better, there goes the Lithuanian star to raise his ceiling and his fantasy rank even higher. Slight increases in many areas, better field-goal efficiency on the offensive end and leading the NBA in triple-doubles will get you these kinds of compliments. The worst part of it all is that he’s just entering his prime years at 28-years old next season. 

    While it’ll be unfair to call the Kings his team with De’Aaron Fox still present, it’s hard not to agree with Sabonis being the most valuable piece on Mike Brown’s squad and probably the best fantasy player in the Sacramento organization. We don’t see this season as an outlier, as it really feels like this is Domantas’ game for the present and the future, at least for the next five years or so.

    De’Aaron Fox (28-35)

    Even with the dip in shooting efficiency during the second half of the season, we’d be crazy to not rank Fox as a riser. He had the best season of his career, turning into a massive steals juggernaut and finally being a reliable long-distance shooter, at least until he injured his right shoulder at some point during the season. He played through it (having dealt with an ankle injury as well) and in certain games it showed that something was not right with him physically. 

    Nevertheless, if the shoulder issue disappears next season, there’s no reason why the 26-year-old star point guard can’t replicate or build upon such a solid foundation as the Kings’ main offensive weapon, with the only question being whether his long-distance shooting improvement was legit or just a hot streak. His playmaking saw a slight dip, but that’s nothing to be worried about when the reward was him becoming a steals machine and a top-10 NBA scorer. Steals can also be a variable statistic from year to year though, so whether he can keep up his immense rate is also worth questioning.

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