• Tyrese Maxey

    There’s been a few situations where NBA teams have to re-create a whole roster with the exception of a few players. That’s exactly what the Sixers will have to go through this summer, and it’ll be relevant to real-life and fantasy basketball in the same way. 

    While it’s very early to predict what could happen to Philadelphia, we’ll go through and analyze the outlook of the current players, even if some are highly unlikely to be back next year.

    Dynasty Risers

    Tyrese Maxey (16-22)

    If you invested in Maxey by the time the season started, or even before that, then congratulations! We all knew he was set to be an important contributor in fantasy and real-life basketball even with James Harden on the team, but once Harden got traded to the Clippers, the 23-year-old went crazy with one of the biggest fantasy growth spurts of the campaign.

    Maxey is a legit number two option with potential to be a number one over time. His pairing with Joel Embiid is just what Philadelphia and fantasy managers needed for different reasons but with the same goal in mind: winning a Championship.

    Expect Maxey to be one of the names in the conversation as a top-5 fantasy point guard, and in a dynasty format, he’s definitely one of the better options to have as a cornerstone for your team. It doesn’t even matter that he’s a restricted free agent at the end of this season, there’s 0% chance that the Sixers will let him go.

    Dynasty Neutrals

    Joel Embiid (8-14)

    The star center was having another unbelievable season…until he had a knee injury and missed most of the second half. That sentence alone probably describes what it’s going to be like rostering Joel Embiid from now on.

    It’s unfortunate but it’s true; Embiid is a top-5 caliber player when he’s producing, but his injury risk is so high and being 30 years old doesn’t help either. We don’t know how long Embiid will stay at this level of play because we don’t know how long his body will endure the physicality of his game. Those who roster the big man already know it’s better for them to prepare for an injury rather than hoping for him to have a healthy season.

    While it’s not all gloomy, there’s people torn apart on Embiid’s outlook in a dynasty league. There are those who would rather get rid of him for more reliable players, those who’ll hold until they get their money’s worth, and those who look at this as a buy-low opportunity. Whoever you might be, just know there’s a very low chance Joel Embiid plays 65 to 70 games in a regular season again.

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