• Torrey Craig
    SG, Denver Nuggets

    Torrey Craig finished with seven points, seven rebounds, one block and one triple on 3-of-9 shooting in 34 minutes in a Game 7 win vs. the Jazz on Tuesday.

    Craig missed an open layup with about five seconds remaining after Donovan Mitchell turned the ball over that could have cost the Nuggets the game. All they had to do was hold it out and let time expire but Craig's missed layup allowed Mike Conley the chance to send the Nuggets home with a game-winning buzzer beater that he ultimately barely missed. In Craig's defense, Jamal Murray did pass him the ball on the fastbreak but he should've known to just hold it. In the end no harm, no foul and the Nuggets will advance to play the Clippers in what could be yet another hard fought, seven-game series.