• Jabari Parker
    PF, Sacramento Kings

    Jabari Parker may have violated the NBA's COVID-19 protocol by playing tennis after testing positive for COVID-19.

    It was reported on Wednesday that Parker tested positive for COVID-19 "several days ago" and was quarantining in Chicago. Saturday, TMZ reported that he was playing tennis in Chicago. Ben Stinar clarified with a report later in the day that Parker had finished his quarantine before playing tennis. Although Parker may have completed his quarantine, the league's COVID-19 protocol states that a player must avoid exercise training for two weeks after the first positive test or when the symptoms reside, whichever date is later. It will be key to know when Parker tested positive for COVID-19 in determining whether or not he violated protocol. The Kings made a statement saying "We are aware of the report and are gathering additional information." There are more details that need to be uncovered, but the NBA will likely get the answers they need and if Parker did violate protocol, it is likely they will penalize him.

    Source: The Sacramento Bee