Welcome to EthosHeat?

Despite that strange episode title, no, this is not becoming an EthosHeat show, but JC does preview the Eastern Conference Finals in this episode and he'll tell you why in the episode. He also goes over some of the latest Lakers news, some of it good, some of it concerning (what else is new?). But enjoy the latest EthosLakers solo episode!

Bird Rights: Lakers Offseason Preview and Coaching Carousel…

https://stream.redcircle.com/episodes/c75eca6a-6517-423b-86e4-f2d555e557fc/stream.mp3 Steven is joined by Corban Ford to discuss the Lakers offseason, discussing potential coaching hires, free agent signings, and Russell Westbrook trades. They conclude the episode to discuss potential coaching openings around the NBA…

Grade time! Despite Missing the Playoffs, How’d Each…

Now that some time has passed, and cooler heads can prevail, it's time to dish out some regular-season grades. Ethan being the educator, this is probably more his area of expertise, but JC takes a crack at examining how the Lakers players did by going through half the roster for this episode. There are some surprising grades here, but JC didn't hold back, not even for his favorite players. Listen to see what he gave LeBron.

What the Hell Just Happened? Featuring Ryan Ward…

Ethan and JC are back with a brand new guest to discuss all things Lakers from the end of the season and how this franchise can possibly move forward from here. The fellas discuss Frank Vogel's firing, exit interviews, individual and team accountability, and set a brand new bar for the Lakers to clear as they embark on a weird and strange road ahead. Is moving LeBron even a consideration? Could AD be playing his way out of LA? Is there ANY CHANCE Westbrook declines nearly $50M to stick around? We go IN for an hour on this show and had a great time talking all things Lakers, so make sure to stay locked in!

Lakers Officially Out of the Play-in. Season Is…

Well, it's official. We're put out of our misery. No more 'what ifs' or 'when this guy comes back', no more talk about Kendrick freakin' Nunn! With the loss to the Phoenix Suns tonight, The Lakers are officially out of play-in contention, there will be no post-season for this year's Lakers team. It's easy to be mad, but we've been mad. In this episode, JC disappointingly comes to a strange conclusion about this team, with an assist from Richard Jefferson, one that he alluded to in the last episode. Listen to find out more.

Lakers Fall Out of the Play-In

Well it seemed inevitable to for things to have come to this point, and here we are, The Lakers are out of the play-in. After a disastrous loss to the Dallas Mavericks without LeBron James & Anthony Davis, the Lakers are 31-44. JC talks about the potential impact of missing the playoffs to LeBron's legacy, goes over a quick list of what could happen this off-season, but it might be too soon for that. There could still be hope. Maybe.

LeBron’s Lakers Are Must-See TV

The Lakers are what they are, but LeBron is leaving us breathless with his dominance, allowing us to witness history in the making at age 37. In Year 19, unreal is the only word to use to try and describe what we're seeing every single night. Ethan spends a lot of time dissecting LeBron's absurd level of play, the frustration that comes while watching it within the context of this team, what Anthony Davis' return could mean, and if the Lakers have a chance to do absolutely anything in the playoff picture. Wenyen Gabriel Extension SZN? Jokes aside, Ethan finds some reasons to smile amidst what has been a very disappointing campaign to date.

This Is the Bad Place. Will It Ever…

After an inexcusable loss to the lowly Houston Rockets, the Lakers have officially broken the boys behind the mic. Ethan has SEVERAL grievances to air, JC can't understand how the team goes forward, and the fellas try to figure out what—if anything—this experiment gone wrong can salvage from this season. The real question: Will the Lakers even make the playoffs? LeBron's Los Angeles tenure is also squarely in the spotlight as the fellas try and unpack all that's happening in Hollywood.

Now Russ Wants Out?

Last episode the Lakers rumor mill was red hot with stories about how LeBron might want to leave the Lakers this summer, and now we've got a full 180 and Russell Westbrook might want out? Reports came out today that there might be 'mutual interest' in a parting of ways between Westbrook and The Lakers this summer. JC is back with a solo edition of the pod to tell you his thoughts and he might have also reached his breaking point with this team and is looking forward to the summer with just over 20 games left.

Down Goes AD: LeBron Thinking About Leaving?

Fresh off All-Star Weekend, JC and Ethan are back on a fresh episode to discuss LeBron's future, another Anthony Davis injury, and of course, Russell Westbrook. Are the Lakers in trouble with LeBron? The fellas discuss who's to blame, try and chart the Lakers' path forward, and how the purple and gold can find success if they're really going to be in the playoff picture. Sit back and enjoy some savory and spice while JC and Ethan get nice on the Ethos Lakers podcast.

Lakers Post Trade-Deadline Look To Buyout Market

The trading deadline came and went and the Lakers didn't many moves. Not totally unexpected, but what is unexpected are some of the names that are emerging from the buyout market. There's one familiar face among the rumors that summarize the hilarity of this Lakers season.

The Lakers Rollercoaster Is In Full Swing!

The Lakers have had their looks at life after LeBron, but thankfully don’t have to consider that reality just quite yet. Ethan pops a solo mission to hit the obvious Russell Westbrook developments, the insane play of Anthony Davis, Malik Monk carving out his role and much more on a fresh episode of the Ethos Lakers podcast.

AD is Back!

AD is back! Back from a knee injury that saw him sit for 17 games and he started out the game with a bang! JC is on this solo edition to go over AD's return, and have the Lakers solidified their rotations with guys who aren't name LeBron, Westbrook or AD? Possibly! Listen to see who JC thinks needs to be on the floor at all times for this Lakers squad.

Searching for the Lakers’ Scapegoat

Will the real Lakers problem please stand up? Can Russell Westbrook be fixed? Is Frank Vogel a dead man walking? Ethan is back on a solo ride to take on these questions and what faces these Lakers as the club tries to (again) get back on track with some level of sustained success. The effort question remains a big one, and there's no guarantee that a short or long-term solution is in the cards for this particular group.