LakersCast: No LeBron, No Problem?

No LeBron James, no problem for the Lakers? If only it was that easy. Despite missing the King (protocols) for the indefinite future, the Lakers look poised to lean on Anthony Davis in order to try and turn the corner. 

LakersCast: Chemistry, Where Are You

LeBron's coming back and THT is on fire, but that's all the good news coming from Lakerland right now. Ethan's solo ride takes you on a cruise through the current state of the Lakers and why those seated on the plane should continue to expect turbulence for the duration of this flight.

LakersCast: The Lakers, Cohesion, and Resetting the Baseline

For the first time all season, the Lakers played with a team cohesion from start to finish in the win vs. Miami, the role players really stepped up to the plate, and the full Russell Westbrook experience is both why the Lakers won and almost lost all in the same swoop.

LakersCast: Lakers Summer League & The Last 3…

Summer League is over and The Lakers still have three open roster spots. Who will fill them? A Summer League standout? A seasoned vet desperate for a comeback? JC talks about all the possibilities in a solo edition of the HoopBall Lakers Podcast!