NetsCast: Keith McPherson on KD/Harden, Nets Outlook

Is the Barclays Center as dead as the media portrays? Should we be concerned with KD and Harden playing huge minutes so far? VERY special guest Keith McPherson joins the guys to take stock of the Nets after a win over Cleveland and the Magic on tap!

NetsCast: Too Early for a Playoff Preview Show?

Naj and Hunter are back at it again to discuss the Nets season long injuries woes and touch on how it might effect them come playoff time. Plus, they do through their entire pre-playoff preview and talk about just how likely the Nets are to win a NBA championship this season.

NetsCast: The Nets Look Unbeatable

Naj and Hunter are back to talk about what they're expecting from Blake Griffin when he finally suits up, recap the battle for New York and go into Caris Levert's first game against the Nets since being traded. Plus, they discuss PJ Tucker's move to the Bucks and why it doesn't make them as scared as maybe it should.

NetsCast: Kevin Durant Returns (Again-again)

Kevin Durant is back... again... again? The Nets welcome the most efficient member of the Big 3 back from another trip to protocol-land, and we finally get to see 'em all together for the first time in almost 2 weeks!

NetsCast: Everything Is Going To Be Fine

The guys are back this episode to give their opinions on the NBA' decision to host an All-Star game in Atlanta in March. While doing so, they give their predictions for the full roster of East and West All-Stars, how many Nets do Naj and Hunter have starting?