Anthony Davis for MVP!

The Lakers are on the cusp of officially turning around their season, Anthony Davis is playing his best brand of basketball in a Lakers uniform, and the noise to trade Russell Westbrook is lessening by the day. Ethan and JC dive into the state of this Lakers team after their best win in two years and a 2-0 start to the road trip. With the unofficial start of the trade season just around the corner, the fellas look at what the Lakers could and should be targeting in an effort to grow the ceiling of this club. The AD-LeBron-Russ trio is finally feeling good, and with the heat temporarily cooled on his seat, Rob Pelinka owes it to LeBron, AD, and Lakers fans to do whatever it takes to continue raising the ceiling of this team.

Move Over, LeBron: The Anthony Davis Era Has…

This is the player Lakers fans have been waiting for. This is the franchise icon that was meant to carry the Lakers through LeBron’s final years. This is the leader the Lakers have needed on and off the court since their championship in the bubble. 8-12 feels A LOT different than 2-10, and while there is still a lot of challenging work ahead, the Lakers are finally starting to look like a cohesive unit that actually plays as a team. Go figure. Ethan is on for a solo ride to talk about AD’s dominance, LeBron’s insane production since returning to the lineup, the Austin Reaves Glow Up, and how the Lakers can best maximize all of them as the group moves forward.

Lakers Make it Three in a Row!

Lakers have won not one, not two, but three, yes three games in a row. In some parts of the world, that's a good old fashioned winning streak. Anthony Davis has been an absolute beast in the paint during this streak and Austin Reaves has been an absolute darling that's got Lakers fans saying Alex who? (Just kidding, I miss Alex Caruso every damn day) Dennis Schroeder has come back and has had a couple decent games. JC will tell you about all that and more that's been going on during the winning streak.

Lakers Have a LeBron Problem

Well it seemed like there might have been a turnaround for The Lakers after a two game winning streak, but things have taken a turn for the worse while also experiencing improvements. Only The Lakers, right? LeBron hasn't been playing great and he just got injured again. Russell is playing infinitely better but that doesn't seem to matter. The Lakers have problems on top of problems and it seems like it'll only get worse before it gets better. JC takes you through this solo episode of Ethos Lakers.

Door Dash Delivery-Lakers Win; More to Come?

Matt Ryan’s “Welcome to the NBA Moment” couldn’t come at a better time for these Lakers, as the difference between 1-6 and 2-5 is nothing short of monumental for this club. Ethan brings you a solo show to discuss the best night of Ryan’s life, Anthony Davis’ understated dominance, LeBron losing a step, and the rebirth of Russell Westbrook off the bench. Ethan also dives into the emergence of Lonnie Walker IV, Brown, Austin Reaves, and how all of a sudden the Lakers might have some real role players. Did you know that Walker & Brown outscored LeBron & AD? 🤔 This team feels a lot different than it did just a week ago, and we’re here to be entertained.

Lakers Get Their First One of 22-23

No longer can the number of 0 linger over the Win column in the standings for The Los Angeles Lakers have finally won a game this season. Now standing at 1-5, the entire landscape of the league feels brand new! Or does it? JC excitedly covers this much needed first win, but how much exactly is there to celebrate? How repeatable is this success? He'll talk about that and more in this solo edition of the Ethos Lakers Podcast.

LakersCast: The Lakers’ Bad Magic Number

The Lakers already have a magic number, and we bet you'll be able to guess what it relates to following a tragic 0-3 start. Ethan and JC go in on the squad following a brutal loss to Portland, discuss the obvious woes from distance, and really put Russell Westbrook's performance into context in terms of how he's impacting this team. The fellas give Darvin Ham a lot of credit, but also wonder how long his message will last given there are key variables in the equation that he has absolutely no control over.

Lakers Fall To Warriors To Begin 22-23

The more things change, they more they're still terrible at shooting. That sums up the woeful Lakers on their season debut vs the champion Golden State Warriors on their ring night. The Lakers shot 10-40 from 3 but that wasn't the only puzzling thing about the game. JC tells you all about it on this latest solo episode of Ethos Lakers.

The Lakers Are Back...What The Hell Should We…

LeBron may be poised to go into the record books again, but it's Anthony Davis who needs to be the subject of conversation when it comes to the success of this team. The depth is questionable, the competition is fierce, and the effort is a complete variable after the Lakers again changed the entire supporting cast. But that's why they play the games, and it's awesome to have Lakers basketball back! Ethan goes solo to bring you into the season before the action gets under way.

2022-23 Has Begun...In Almost the Same Way Last…

The Lakers 2022-23 season has begun! A 30pt pre-season loss might sound like the end of the world given how last season went, but there are some positives to glean from this first game. Is Max Christie a diamond in the rough? Has Russell Westbrook slowed down to efficiency? Is Kendrick Nunn back (for the first time)? All those answers and more from JC De Leon in this solo edition of the Ethos Lakers podcast!

Rogaine on the Wing: A Lakers Lovestory

Dennis Schroder is back, Russell Westbrook is still here, and the Lakers have still failed to answer the most obvious question with training camp around the corner. Ethan returns for a solo ride of the Ethos Lakers podcast to discuss the Schroder reunion, a possible starting five, LeBron's biggest challenge, and why it's time for Anthony Davis to step up for this club to have a chance. This episode is complete with a Stephen A Smith style rant, a balanced take on how this team can move forward, and an attempt to make sense out of the offseason that feels like it has presented more questions than answers.

Mr. 94 Feet Arrives in LakerLand: What’s Next?

It's been a while, but just like Patrick Beverley, we're back in Los Angeles for the return of the Ethos Lakers podcast! Ethan and JC are back to discuss the acquisition of Mr. 94 feet, the loss of wings on a team that has none, what the Lakers might look like with Buddy Hield and Myles Turner on the team, and of course, LeBron's extension. It's been a while since we've had the Lakers firmly in focus, but there is going to be a lot to dissect for Darvin's first honey baked Ham.

Kyrie Or Bust For These Lakers

The Lakers' free agent frenzy is over, but the dust is far from settled with a Kyrie Irving-sized cloud directly overhead. Ethan and JC are back to dissect Irving's path to the Lakers, the club's free agent additions, missed opportunities, and where Kevin Durant may wind up--among other things, like holy crap that Rudy Gobert trade--when his path out of Brooklyn finally emerges. Come in hot and ready for mental stimulation. We got you on this one.

The Lakers and the 2022 Unknown- Vol. 1

We're baaaaack! Ethan and JC return to the airwaves to bring the Lakers back into focus now that we're officially into the offseason. With the draft just a few days away, the fellas discuss the potential directions for the Lakers summer, including intriguing trade targets Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, and more. The gents also get their post-mortem drip on the roster that failed, put Russell Westbrook's chances at a return at slim to none, and give their opinion on how the Lakers can reverse the narrative to begin the Darvin Ham era.

Lakers Hire Darvin Ham

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally made their head coaching decision, and in reality they didn't take that long, and they might have even nailed it. With the hiring of Darvin Ham (and the apparent public approval of LeBron James) the Lakers can finally get moving back on the road to redemption. Listen for JC's thoughts on the hiring and more on this solo edition of EthosLakers.