LakersCast: Are the Lakers Ready For the Stretch…

The Lakers are entering the final 9 games of the season. 9 must-win games. Can they win them all? Heaven knows, but what we do know for sure is that J.C. De Leon will go over how The Lakers have looked lately, go over the schedule for the remainder of the regular season as well as look at the schedules for the teams hovering in that 4 through 12 range of the wacky Western conference standings. Enjoy!

The Lakers Are In the Playoffs…For Now!

A 2-10 start had even the most faithful fans fretting, but the Lakers—somehow, someway, through all of the injuries, bumps, and bruises—find themselves in the playoffs…and it’s happening without LeBron James. Anthony Davis is flashing the dominance that we saw from him to open the season, Austin Reaves is really stepping into his confidence, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in Lakerland right now. Join Ethan for a ride through the schedule to discuss what’s been, what lies ahead, and an emotional tribute from Pau Gasol as he watched his jersey be hung alongside Kobe Bryant’s to be immortalized forever more.

Lakers Trending in the Right Direction

Lakers are heading in the right direction, currently in the #11 spot in the Western Conference rankings and climbing. But is it a tough road ahead? JC takes a look at the entire remaining schedule and highlights a few of the Lakers who are going to help lead the team into the Playoffs as LeBron recovers from an injured foot.

Who Are These Lakers? We’re About to Find…

The Lakers are on fire and Jarred Vanderbilt is gassing the fan favorite flames, but LeBron James’ foot will keep the pressure on Anthony Davis to keep the spotlight on his Lakers. Chemistry and camaraderie are high in Lakeland, but the schedule doesn’t get any easier for the group as March comes into focus, and how long James is forced to the sidelines will be a major story on a day-to-day basis. Rui Hachimura, it’s time to show why the Lakers traded for your services. Ethan takes a solo spin to dish on AD, LeBron’s substantial foot injury Rui, Vanderbilt, and the league at large on the latest Ethos Lakers Podcast.

Lakers Blowout Warriors After All-Star Break

The Lakers are fun again! I'll say it again, the Lakers are fun again! A fully complete roster, all with pieces that fit extremely well together, for two games now they have operated like a well oiled machine. The newly reconstructed roster was able to withstand an off-night from AD and LeBron James who combined to shoot 8-25 but no matter, Malik Beasley and Austin Reaves to the rescue! A really fun night that has given Lakers fans new hope that they playoffs are finally in sight. JC takes you through the episode solo as he goes over his excitement at what he saw and whether or not the Lakers should even go after anyone in the buyout market.

A Whole New World for LeBron’s Lakers Now

The NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone, and Lakers fans everywhere are asking the same question: Do we owe Rob Pelinka an apology? The error (no typo) of Russell Westbrook is over, the Lakers have a significantly deeper team than they’ve had at any point this season, and the ice in D’Angelo Russell’s veins might just be what this Lakers team needs to solidify its standing as a playoff contender. Ethan and JC are back to discuss the Lakers’ deals and new additions, dish on the real cost of building this new roster 50+ games into the season, and take a ride through the NBA’s wheel of deals as the entire league has undergone significant reconstruction.

LeBron James Makes History: The King is No…

Witness has been a word we've long used with LeBron, but The Kid From Akron made Los Angeles his own upon setting the all-time scoring record in the house that Kobe Bryant built. The math behind the accomplishment is remarkable: Make no mistake, this is the greatest individual record in professional sports that we will ever witness being broken. As magical as the moment was, the Lakers suffered yet another critical loss vs. a team standing in their playoff path, the team's identity remains a question mark, the Lakers' commitment to defense is currently in name only, and Darvin Ham has a lot to figure out with his rotations as the trade deadline comes in hot. Kyrie Irving is no longer an option, and the Lakers have a lot to consider as they try to improve the roster around LeBron's magical run at 38 years young.

LeBron Closes in on History

It's an exciting time to be a Lakers fan. It's an even more exciting time to be a LeBron James fan. As of this writing he is 89 points away from becoming the number 1 all-time leading scorer in the NBA, passing fellow Laker Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! JC goes in on this solo episode to tackle that story as well as more Lakers trade rumors, and how's that trade for Rui Hachimura been working out? That and more in this latest episode of Ethos Lakers.

Rui! Rui Hachimura, come on down! Rob Pelinka must have found some Zen Master magic dust up in Jeannie Buss’s office, because there’s no way this happened without divine intervention. The Lakers are again on…

Lakers Comeback vs Memphis! One thing that's been evident this season that was sorely lacking last season was good old fashioned effort. Times have been tough but this year's Lakers team has competed. That resilience showed on Friday…

Five In a Row, Lake Show: Front Office,…

The Lakers have won five in a row to begin 2023, LeBron James is setting a new standard for greatness, and his hints to the front office have become anything but subtle as the Lakers have turned around their season. Ethan is back to dive into the five-game win streak, the incredible performance Thomas Bryant is delivering, how Russell Westbrook has redeemed himself, and why this version of Dennis Schroder needs to keep showing up regardless of who else is out there with him. The Western Conference is packed, the Lakers appear to be ready, and with Anthony Davis returning looking more and more likely in the coming weeks, all eyes are on Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss to deliver what they promised LeBron and Laker Nation to begin the season.

Humbug! Injury woes Afflict Lakers Over Holidays

The holidays have the Lakers’ rollercoaster is again turning in another direction, and the emotional drain has already been enough for a full season. Ethan is back with an overdue episode to discuss everything from AD to LeBron, the standard for greatness, the problems with silence from the front office, and how Austin Reaves became the Lakers’ second best available player. It’s not often Ethan is left searching for words, but that’ll happen when every immediate potential answer leads to the same dead end.

Anthony Davis for MVP!

The Lakers are on the cusp of officially turning around their season, Anthony Davis is playing his best brand of basketball in a Lakers uniform, and the noise to trade Russell Westbrook is lessening by the day. Ethan and JC dive into the state of this Lakers team after their best win in two years and a 2-0 start to the road trip. With the unofficial start of the trade season just around the corner, the fellas look at what the Lakers could and should be targeting in an effort to grow the ceiling of this club. The AD-LeBron-Russ trio is finally feeling good, and with the heat temporarily cooled on his seat, Rob Pelinka owes it to LeBron, AD, and Lakers fans to do whatever it takes to continue raising the ceiling of this team.

Move Over, LeBron: The Anthony Davis Era Has…

This is the player Lakers fans have been waiting for. This is the franchise icon that was meant to carry the Lakers through LeBron’s final years. This is the leader the Lakers have needed on and off the court since their championship in the bubble. 8-12 feels A LOT different than 2-10, and while there is still a lot of challenging work ahead, the Lakers are finally starting to look like a cohesive unit that actually plays as a team. Go figure. Ethan is on for a solo ride to talk about AD’s dominance, LeBron’s insane production since returning to the lineup, the Austin Reaves Glow Up, and how the Lakers can best maximize all of them as the group moves forward.

Lakers Make it Three in a Row!

Lakers have won not one, not two, but three, yes three games in a row. In some parts of the world, that's a good old fashioned winning streak. Anthony Davis has been an absolute beast in the paint during this streak and Austin Reaves has been an absolute darling that's got Lakers fans saying Alex who? (Just kidding, I miss Alex Caruso every damn day) Dennis Schroeder has come back and has had a couple decent games. JC will tell you about all that and more that's been going on during the winning streak.