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Tom Thornton

Who do you think will be impacted more with Gordon being out scary Terry or Bridges?

Second does this increase the chance for Ball to have a higher fantasy value?

Dan Besbris

Could even be Devonte if his usage goes back up a bunch…


Hi Tom, Bridges, Devonte and Scary Terry probably ALL get a slight bump with Gordo out. With his history it will be worth watching what they do for later, too. I wonder if we see any late game 3-guard action with Lamelo, DVG, Terry, Bridges and PJ all out there? Death line-up. lol.


I think Bridges will get a couple more minutes out of this, though I don’t think GHayward will be out for too long.

Rozier should be going all out for the Hornets, they have to unleash him.


You caught a fish! I agree Terry’s usage peak has come and gone with Gordo, LaMelo joining coupled with DVG’s explosion out of nowhere last season, BUT… to suggest Terry will only play 5-10 mins??? Haha. If he plays under 20 mins a night beers on me, under 15 I’ll jump in the harbour. *Let’s add Hornets small-man minutes to our season narratives for the pod.

Dan Besbris

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