Weathering the Impact on Your Fantasy Players (April 10-16)

  • Sharp fantasy managers know that they can help their teams by staying informed about the weather. Certain weather conditions can lead to better hitting or pitching environments that you can target to give your players better chances for success. This series of articles will give you the weather info that you need to gain an upper hand for the coming week.

    Please remember two things as you read this column. First, I am not suggesting that a slightly better hitting environment is enough reason to bench your superstars (rainouts, however, are a different story). Instead, use weather information as one of the pieces to help you decide when you’re weighing start/sit decisions, mainly for your non-superstars. Second, if you’re really interested in how temperatures and other weather factors impact the flight of baseballs to create favorable and unfavorable hitting environments, check out Derek Carty’s definitive article (yes, that Derek Carty – he knows weather, too!).

    General Forecast for April 10-16

    April is often an active month weatherwise in many areas but this coming week looks pretty tranquil without any large organized storm systems in the U.S.  Rainouts are very unlikely during the first half of the week with only low chances by next weekend. Many MLB ballparks will be somewhat cool on Monday and then experience a strong warming trend for the rest of the week…although temps in the Midwest and Northeast will fall by the weekend.

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