Week 8 Fantasy Preview: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

  • Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

    Vikings (-110) @ Packers (-110): O/U 42.0
    Vikings -1  (-145), Packers +1 (+100)

    Here come the mighty, mighty Vikings! Everyone left for them dead after they managed to lose each of their first three games by one score after going 11-0 in such games last season.  They are without their best player by a mile in Justin Jefferson and it only makes sense that now is the time they turn it on.  This team can’t be gambled on because there are no such things as likely outcomes and they are the only team that can make a bettor feel like a 50/50 tossup is hopeless.  The Packers are heading in the opposite direction after a strong start to the season and either team could win this game by 30.  The Packers just lost to Vegas and Denver, two of the worst teams in the league and the Vikings just beat the Niners, so it would only make illogical NFL sense that the Packers are now going to beat the Vikings.

    Main Storylines to Watch

    Where is the Love? I was convinced Jordan Love was terrible after watching him last season and then I was re-convinced he was going to be great after a solid preseason and an exceptional start to the season.  He looked poised and aggressive and was willing to take off and use his legs to get a first down or score.  He has all the tools to be successful and the Packers did a solid job surrounding him with weapons.  I have no idea what has happened to him lately, but if he can’t get it going vs. this Vikings defense, the jury will have to re-convene one more time.

    You Like That?: It seems it was only a week ago that everyone was trying to trade Kirk Cousins or worse yet, bench him and the word on the street was that the Vikings were dead and buried.  Now everyone is playing calendar chess to see when JJ can return and give this offense the final push.  I love betting on Kirk Cousins, but I’m a sadist and even I was afraid to back him vs. the Niners last week.   He will often do the exact opposite of whatever you need him to do, but there is no denying that he has the confidence and the skill to let it fly against any team in the league.

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