Week 6 Defenses to Start/Sit/Stream

  • “Start” These are going to be D/STs that are rostered that you shouldn’t think twice about starting.

    “Sit” These are going to be the D/STs that need to be benched until next week’s evaluation.

    “Stream” These are going to be the D/STs that are sitting on your waiver wire begging to be picked up.


    Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

    The biggest threats on the Titans are Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins. Good thing the Ravens give up the 9th least amount of yards to opposing running backs. When it comes to receivers, they don’t do so well, but they’re going up against an aging Ryan Tannehill. The Ravens will have a lot of opportunities to get to the quarterback. They give up the 5th most sacks to opposing defense. The Ravens are second in the league in sacks. Pressure should make the Titans fold. This is going to be a great get back game for the Ravens after coming off a tough loss.

    Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants 

    Buffalo at home after coming off a loss against the Jaguars in Tottenham. Yeah, I’m all for it. This team is going to have a fire burning inside and they’re going to let it all out on the Giants. Their defense left Tottenham banged up, but the backups stepped up and with a week for recovery and better adjustments, the Bills should be a lot better than last week. Their opponents are the Giants, this shouldn’t even be a discussion.

    Cleveland Browns vs. San Francisco 49ers

    HOT TAKE. The Browns have been really solid throughout the season. From being one of the best run defending teams to being one of the best pass defending teams, they can do it all. They’re going to have one of the toughest teams in front of them for 60 minutes, but I think they can get the job done against this team for a couple of reasons. The Browns are coming off a bye week. Two weeks of practice, recovery, and preparation. This is a huge advantage for the Browns. The 49ers are coming off arguably their best win this season. Scoring lights out, playing amazing defense, and overall being the best team. The odds of the 49ers repeating that performance are not high. The odds are slimmer when they’re facing a team that has been given two weeks to prepare against them and they get to play them on their home turf. I’m not saying that the 49ers are going to be terrible, but I think the Browns are serviceable enough to yield enough to start.


    New Orleans Saints @ Houston Texans

    The Saints were terrific in the last game and there’s no doubt that they can get the job done, but I think the Texans are going to be a tough matchup for them. First of all, the Saints have to travel to Houston. Houston has been playing really well at home this year. They also are coming off a game that didn’t see them produce the way they’ve been producing. Houston will be playing with a chip on their shoulder. It may seem like a stretch but I’m not going to bet that the Texans are going to play bad against the Saints.

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts 

    The Colts will be coming into this game with Gardner Minshew, which may seem like a bad thing for the Colts, but it’s actually pretty good for them. The rushing game for the Colts has been as solid as any around the league. If the passing game gets established the running game will definitely open up and vice versa. The Jaguars are also coming back from Tottenham as they spent the last two weeks of the season overseas. In this game they played some of the best defense against one of the best teams in the league, something that is hard to repeat. This may be a bad game for the Jaguars and I think the Colts should be able to take advantage of it.

    Seattle Seahawks @ Cincinnati Bengals 

    The Bengals are coming alive and if they’re going to be playing like this, I would never start a defense against them. This isn’t going to be the offense powerhouse kind of game that we saw out of them last week, but it could very much come close against a defense that gives up a top 5 most amount of yards to opposing receivers. This isn’t a safe start, I would sit.


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