Week 18 Defenses to Start/Sit/Stream

  • “Start” These are going to be D/STs that are rostered that you shouldn’t think twice about starting.

    “Sit” These are going to be the D/STs that need to be benched until next week’s evaluation.

    “Stream” These are going to be the D/STs that are sitting on your waiver wire begging to be picked up.



    Dallas Cowboys (D/ST2) @ Washington Commanders

    Philadelphia Eagles (D/ST26) @ New York Giants

    Like with many of the games on this slate, this game is very important to the playoff seeding. This Washington team is done for against this elite D/ST. The Commanders have allowed the 5th most sacks to opposing teams. The Cowboys will be going all out to win this game. The Cowboys allow the 22nd most points to QBs, 21st to RBs, 26th to WRs, and 29th to TEs.

    Hate it or love it, this Eagles D/ST needs to be elite against the Giants. There is no reason not to be a dominant defense against this team. They allow the most sacks in the league (83) and they will be playing to lose. The Eagles have a lot more to lose than the Giants. They may even have more to lose than the Cowboys. Regardless, this D/ST needs to and will step up. The Eagles allow the 1st most points to QBs, 26th to RBs, 1st to WRs, and 13th to TEs.


    Pittsburgh Steelers (D/ST11) @ Baltimore Ravens

    Buffalo Bills (D/ST4) @ Miami Dolphins

    The Ravens have nothing to lose while the Steelers have a lot to gain from a win. I can’t imagine a divisional rival to just take it easy on them. Obviously, the Ravens will be resting key starters but the Ravens’ second unit can be just as dangerous. This could be a trap for those who are starting the Steelers. Though this defense can get it done, this Ravens team isn’t going to just give them a win.

    Two of the most explosive teams in the league going at it isn’t the most ideal matchup for opposing D/STs.


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