Week 15 Defenses to Start/Sit/Stream

  • “Start” These are going to be D/STs that are rostered that you shouldn’t think twice about starting.

    “Sit” These are going to be the D/STs that need to be benched until next week’s evaluation.

    “Stream” These are going to be the D/STs that are sitting on your waiver wire begging to be picked up.


    Detroit Lions (D/ST27) vs. Denver Broncos

    Cleveland Browns (D/ST5) @ Chicago Bears

    The Lions are coming off a bad loss against a bad team. This is definitely going to change in against a team that is way too hot right now.  They allow the 4th most points to QBs, 26th to RBs, 7th to WRs, and 6th to TEs.

    The Browns have a really good defense, but they haven’t been too hot as of late. Now with a competent QB, the defense can now begin to play with less weight on their shoulders. This defense gives up the 28th most points to QBs, 19th to RBs, 31st to WRs, and 30th to TEs.


    New York Jets (D/ST6) @ Miami Dolphins

    San Francisco 49ers (D/ST7) @ Arizona Cardinals

    This Dolphins team is coming off a game that didn’t really reflect how well they’ve been playing. This team is ready to explode once again and they got even more to play for against their division rivals Jets.

    This is a hot take but the Cardinals should have a good shot in this game. The last time a team that came off their BYE to play the 49ers was the Browns and they beat them. The thing is: The Browns had a defense that could break down the 49ers, the Cardinals don’t. The Cards are going to have to have an offensive explosion, but when was the last time that happened. Why not against the 49ers in front of their home crowd. At the very least give ’em a show.



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