Week 11 Defenses to Start/Sit/Stream

  • “Start” These are going to be D/STs that are rostered that you shouldn’t think twice about starting.

    “Sit” These are going to be the D/STs that need to be benched until next week’s evaluation.

    “Stream” These are going to be the D/STs that are sitting on your waiver wire begging to be picked up.


    San Francisco 49ers (D/ST12)vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

    Buffalo Bills (D/ST5)vs. New York Jets

    Pittsburgh Steelers (D/ST4) @ Cleveland Browns

    The 49ers are still undoubtably one of the best defenses in the league but the translation over to fantasy has been kind of rough. This game against the Bucs should be one that they dominate. The 49ers give up the 28th fewest points up to QBs, 25th fewest to RBs, and 30th fewest to TEs.

    The Bills are going to be looking to get back on track after a bad loss to the Broncos on Monday. Expect for this team to play their very best against their division rivals. The Bills give up the 25th fewest points to QBs, 18th to WRs, and 21st to TEs.

    The Steelers are going to be facing a Deshaun Watsonless Browns team that could be looking to crumble. The Browns still have a number of weapons but I’m not sure how long they can keep them afloat without Watson. Division rivals Steelers are going to be taking advantage of that. The Steelers give up the 19th fewest points to QBs, 10th fewest to RBs, and 29th to TEs.


    Philadelphia Eagles (D/ST18) @ Kansas City Chiefs

    Kansas City Chiefs (D/ST7) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

    Seattle Seahawks (D/ST12) @ Los Angeles Rams

    The first two are obvious sits. Two of the best offenses in the league going at it doesn’t help anyone but the offenses. Easy sits.

    The game is different. I don’t think the Seahawks can contain both of the Rams receivers with Matthew Stafford. I am steering clear of that game for the Seahawks and sitting the D/ST.


    Washington Commanders *(49.0%) vs. New York Giants

    Jacksonville Jaguars *(26.7%) vs. Tennessee Titans

    Arizona Cardinals *(1.3%) vs. Houston Texans 

    The Giants are completely broken at this point. There offense is in shambles, their defense is horrendous, and they are definetly preparing for next season already. The Commanders have been a lot more solid on both sides of the ball and this should allow for them to create space between them and the Giants. The Giants give up a league high (54) sacks which is where most of the value of the Commanders should come from. Start

    The Jaguars are slowly becoming the team that we expected them to be and this game against the Titans should be one where they prove to the league why they are who they are. Start them in this divisional matchup.

    This is a hot one but here me out. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are coming off a loss that they reallisticaly should have one. This will be the fire that fuels them past the Texans. The return of James Conner is going to help a lot if they Cardinals want to win but now that’s besides the point. The point is: The Texans are coming off one of, if not the best, offensive outing we’ve seen in a very long time. The odds of that coming true again are not slimmer. The Cardinals have been a very sneaky defense. They even beat the Cowboys for crying out loud. I think this is going to be a great outing for the Cardinals and I believe there will be an upset in this one because of that. The Texans are good, but they aren’t perfect. Hot take: 3 INT game for CJ Stroud.

    *Rostered in ESPN Leagues

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