NFL Week 10 Weather Report

  • Byes: Chiefs, Eagles, Rams, Dolphins


    Games in Dome Stadiums


    Colts vs Patriots (Frankfurt, Germany)

    Saints at Vikings

    Falcons at Cardinals (partially outdoor) 

    Lions at Chargers

    Giants at Cowboys (partially outdoor)

    Jets at Raiders


    Outdoor Games


    Texans at Bengals 1 pm EST 

    Weather: Sunny

    Temperature: 54-57 degrees

    Humidity: 42-43% 

    Chance of Rain: 0%

    Wind: 3-4 mph East to Southeast 

    Fantasy Impact: None


    Packers at Steelers 1 pm EST 

    Weather: Sunny

    Temperature: 49-52 degrees

    Humidity: 46-48%

    Chance of Rain: 0%

    Wind: 4 mph East to Northeast 

    Fantasy Impact: None


    Titans at Buccaneers 1:00 pm EST 

    Weather: Mostly Cloudy

    Temperature: 82-85 degrees 

    Humidity: 65-68%

    Chance of Rain: 9-24%

    Wind: 5-7 mph North to Northeast 

    Fantasy Impact: Very minimal. If you feel like the 9-24% chance of rain will occur, it’s understandable to be hesitant on starting Baker Mayfield or Will Levis. Chances are, you have other options at the quarterback position but I would still start Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, or DeAndre Hopkins if you have them.


    49ers at Jaguars 1:00 pm EST

    Weather: Cloudy but a little windy

    Temperature: 66-69 degrees 

    Humidity: 78-82%

    Chance of Rain: 7-12%

    Wind: 12 mph North to Northeast 

    Fantasy Impact: Some on the kicking game. If you have Jake Moody, I would consider turning to another kicker, he’s struggled in recent weeks so anything other than optimal conditions at this point means turn somewhere else until he proves he can consistently make kicks again. 


    Browns at Ravens 1:00 pm EST 

    Weather: Partly Cloudy

    Temperature: 50-53 degrees

    Humidity: 41-47%

    Chance of Rain: 0%

    Wind: 3-4 mph North to Northeast

    Fantasy Impact: None 


    Commanders at Seahawks 4:25 pm EST

    Weather: Cloudy and Rainy

    Temperature: 50-52 degrees

    Humidity: 74-81%

    Chance of Rain: 23-75%

    Wind: 4-5 mph South to Southeast

    Fantasy Impact: Some. This seems like a day to avoid starting Sam Howell if you have him, the weather potentially being nasty coupled with an improved Seahawks defense, especially in the secondary, I would look for other options if you have them. On the other side, Geno Smith is used to these conditions and should be fine, so should the Seahawks running backs and pass catchers.

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