NFL FantasyPass: Week 8 Drops

  • Week 7 was an electrifying week for fantasy football, with points scored up and down the week’s slate of games. As we enter Week 8 of the 2023 season, there are thankfully no teams on bye this week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your roster. Now, it’s time to scramble to the waiver wire to bid for this week’s hot talent and plug up holes on fantasy rosters. Inversely, it’s also time to cut players that disappointed in Week 7 to free up space for the next big thing. Sometimes an empty space on a fantasy team for waivers is more valuable than someone rostered in a majority of fantasy leagues. For this piece, I’m going to be referring to players rostered by at least 25 percent of teams in ESPN leagues, and I’ll list them in descending order of those ownership percentages.

    Note: I will likely not be including any of the players I already mentioned in the previous week’s list. I suggest clicking the link below and making sure you don’t have some of those guys still hitching a ride on your roster.

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    QB Deshaun Watson – Cleveland Browns (75% ESPN, 74% Yahoo!)

    Deshaun Watson has been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury that held him out of the Browns’ last two games, even with a bye week sandwiched in between them. Watson was also limited to throwing just five passes before being removed from the game to be evaluated for a concussion. He quickly cleared protocol, but the coaching staff held him out of the remainder of the game, later explaining that an MRI would be done to get a closer look at his shoulder injury. Even if Watson can play through the injury, for better or worse, it’s clear he is not able to perform near the best of his abilities. In 1QB leagues as deep as 10 or 12 teams, Watson can be safely dropped in favor of another QB on the wire.

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