NFL FantasyPass: Week 2 Defenses to Start/Sit/Stream


    “Start” These are going to be D/STs that are rostered but that have a unfavorable matchup.

    “Sit” These are going to be the D/STs that need to be benched until next week’s evaluation.

    “Stream” These are going to be the D/STs that are sitting on your waiver wire begging to be picked up.


    San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams

    No need to worry about the 49ers in this game. Though the Rams shocked us all last week against the Seahawks with an unexpended offensive explosion, this will come to an end against San Francisco. Last week we witnessed this D/ST put on an elite performance allowing only 7 points, sacking the quarterback 5 times, and picking him off twice. This week should be no different as the Rams should be playing from behind and the opportunity for turnovers and sacks will come along with that. No fear. 


    Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders

    Buffalo had a rough one this past Monday. Though they lost that game, the D/ST still got to the quarterback three times, the Achilles once (As a highly-invested Rodgers owner, this joke pains me) and they even got an interception. Needless to say, the defense played a great game so you shouldn’t blame them for the loss. This game against Oakland is going to be a cakewalk compared to what they had to endure this past week. Matt Milano looks like an absolute monster on the field and whatever pent-up rage and aggression that the Bills have will be let out on the Raiders this Sunday. Start. 


    Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets

    Do I need to explain this one? Dallas made New York remember 9/10 too. The Jets may be faster, more talented, and overall better than the Giants, but the Cowboys looked like they were from another planet and I don’t think the Jets will be able to keep up with them offensively or defensively. You can almost guarantee an interception, a fumble recovery, and 4 sacks out of this D/ST and with this group, the ceiling is extremely high. It’s their year. 



    New York Jets @ Dallas Cowboys

    I explained it from the perspective of the Cowboys, but from the Jets’ perspective, you have to face Tony Pollard, Ceedee Lamb, Brandin Cooks, Dak Prescott, and an offensive line that looks the best it’s looked in years. Good luck, New York. 


    Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

    The Bengals didn’t really have the chance to get started against the Browns. It could’ve been a lack of preparation that led to the team not being in sync or it could’ve been the emergence of Cleveland. I doubt it’s the latter, which makes me believe that the Bengals will be coming into this game extra prepared. This Bengals team is going to make it hard for this Ravens defense and once they get rolling, it may be bad. It’s a divisional game so it’s going to be some hardnose football and you should bench the Bengals D/ST if you have them anywhere. 


    Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

    This is going to be a tough game for both teams. Bill Belichick is going to find ways to get to Tua which is going to be a lot of weight on the shoulders of this D/ST. The more this D/ST is out there on the field, the worse it can be. Mac Jones and the Patriots seemed to catch some strides in the last game and whether or not that carries over is going to be up to them, but if it were to carry over and the running game picks up a bit, this D/ST might find themselves in some sticky situations. 



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