Steph Curry (ankle) came back, played well in less than 26 minutes, then sprained his MCL when Pierre clumsily fell on him. It’s a Grade 2 sprain and he’ll be reevaluated in three weeks. You can hold him on IL I guess, but I’m not expecting him back. Sigh.

    Last week while Steph was nursing his ankle/knee, Quinn Cook filled it up with 20.3 points, 2.7 threes, 5.7 boards, 5.0 assists and 1.0 steals on 52.2 percent from the field. Pick. Him. Up. Right. Now.

    In other news, Kyrie Irving’s “minimally invasive” procedure will keep him out 3-to-6 weeks, which makes him also a droppable. Terry Rozier will continue to hold down the fort.

    Isaiah Thomas’ hip is acting up and he missed Saturday’s game and will miss Monday’s (at least).

    Niko Mirotic also missed a game on Saturday with hip issues which didn’t help unless you were an opponent (unless you were banking on their turnovers and poor shooting to sink your opponents’ stats). Both are cut candidates.

    Too many scenarios; my brain is fried.

    Week 24 Schedule

    *Click here for ROS schedule grid.

    2 games: TOR



    For My Streamers

    Monday has 5 games: Knicks at Hornets, Lakers at Pistons, Nuggets at Pistons, Grizzlies at Wolves, and Celtics at Suns.

    Tuesday has 8: Spurs at Wizards, Nuggets at Raptors, Cavs at Heat, Bulls at Rockets, Blazers at Pelicans, Mavs at Kings, Pacers at Warriors, and Bucks at Clips.

    Wednesday has 8: Cavs at Hornets, Nets at Magic, Knicks at Sixers, Blazers at Grizz, Hawks at Wolves, Celts at Jazz, Clips at Suns, and Mavs at Lakers.

    Thursday has 5: Wizards at Pistons, Bulls at Heat, Thunder at Spurs, Pacs at Kings, and Bucks at Dubbs.

    Friday has 9: Bulls at Magic, Sixers at Hawks, Pels at Cavs, Suns at Rockets, Nuggets at Thunder, Wolves at Mavs, Grizz at Jazz, Bucks at Lakers, and Clippers at Blazers.

    Saturday has 5: Hornets at Wizards, Pistons at Knickerbockers, Raptors at Celtics, Nets at Heat, and Dubbs at Kings.

    Sunday has a dense 13 games: Sixers at Hornets, Wiz at Bulls, Rockets at Spurs, Pacers at Clippers, Magic at Hawks, Pistons at Nets, Mavs at Cavs, Thunder at Pelicans, Jazz at Wolves, Bucks at Nuggs, Suns at Dubbs, Grizzlies at Blazers, and Kings at Lakers.

    Re: Sunday:  If you have a weekly or season long transaction limit, save on or two or three and preemptively drop your worst players/least-needed stats on Friday to get extra games on Saturday, since you can’t play 12 or 13 guys on Sunday.


    Mon/Tues: DEN
    Tues/Weds: CLE, DAL, LAC, POR
    Weds/Thurs: none
    Thurs/Fri: CHI, MIL, OKC
    Fri/Sat: none
    Sat/Sun: BKN, CHA, DET, GSW, SAC, WAS
    Sun/Mon (of Week 25): none

    Monday, Thursday and Saturday all have only 5 games. Detroit and Charlotte plays all 3; Boston (Mon/Sat), Golden State Thurs/Sat), Miami (Thurs/Sat), NY (Mon/Sat) and Sacramento (Thurs/Sat) play 2.

    Tues/Thurs/Sat: GSW, MIA, SAC, WAS

    4 games weeks starting on Tuesday: CHI, CLE, DAL, GSW, LAC, MIL, POR, SAC, WAS all finishing on Sunday.

    3 games in 4 nights

    Tues/Weds/Fri: CLE, DAL, LAC, POR

    Tues/Thurs/Fri: CHI, MIL,

    Thurs/Fri/Sun: CHI, MIL, OKC

    Thurs/Sat/Sun: DET, GSW, SAC, WAS

    Working The Wire

    Point Guards

    -John Wall’s about to start 5-on-5 practices which makes Tomas Satoransky a lil risky in weekly leagues. Daily leaguers can run him out there until Wall returns. I’d be checking for updates lest it surprise you.

    -Kyrie’s still out so Terry Rozier will stay maximally involved, though his recent poor shooting (35.9 percent the last two weeks) has been a bummer. Boston goes Mon/Weds/Sat.

    -The Cam Payne Show is still on Broadway and he got 10.5 points, 1.5 threes, 5.3 assists and 1.8 stocks as a starter for Kris Dunn (turf toe) last week. The Bulls tank Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sun.

    -J.J. Barea and Yogi Ferrell were both good last week. DSJ is back so it dampers both a little, more so for Ferrell, though he’ll play all four games this week while Barea will sit one of the Tues/Weds back-to-back. Dallas also has games on Fri/Sun.

    -Fred VanVleet came back and played well though his 16.0 points and 4.0 threes won’t last. Delon Wright fell off with VanVleet’s return but can still get you defensive stats from the guard spot. Their schedule is terrible with only two games (Tues/Sat) so I would only use them as a single day stream should the need arise.

    -D.J. Augustin’s value got hit with Aaron Gordon back, but he still got 10.0 points, 1.0 threes and 8.0 assists last week. The Magic’s schedule is uninspiring with a Weds/Fri/Sun this week.

    -Emmanuel Mudiay is not a very good basketball player and Trey Burke has been taking his minutes again. If last week’s 13.3 points, 1.7 threes and 5.3 assists does it for you, the Knicks go Mon/Weds/Sat.

    -Patty Mills had a resurgence last week with top-100 value on 14.0 points, 2.0 threes and 3.5 assists. The Spurs play Tues/Thurs/Sun.

    -Ish Smith was basically unplayable the last couple of weeks, but the return of Reggie Jackson seems to have lit a bit of a fire in Ish with 15.3 points, 1.5 threes, 3.8 dimes and 1.5 steals last week. Detroit plays Mon/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -Local hero Frank Mason Jr. came through with 10.3 points, 1.0 threes, 6.0 boards and 4.0 assists last week as De’Aaron Fox and Bogdan Bogdanovic struggled. The Kings go Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun but he’ll be inconsistent.

    -Tyler Ulis has been mostly trash since Elfrid Payton got traded to the Suns, but the honeymoon is over. Ulis still has a poor track record this year (remember when he lost the starting job to Mike James, who’s now out of the league?) but he averaged 12.5 and 5.5 assists in his last two. Phoenix goes Mon/Weds/Fri/Sat for deep league assistance.

    Shooting Guards

    -Caris LeVert’s free throw shooting really fell off last week (50.0 percent) but the rest of his numbers look the same so he’s still rosterable. The Nyets go Weds/Sat/Sun which isn’t the best.

    -With no Zach LaVine (knee) Denzel Valentine put up 14.0 points, 2.5 threes and 2.5 steals and is hot. The Bulls run Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sun.

    -Wayne Ellington won quite a few owners 3s last week as he got 14 of ‘em (53 points overall) in three games so far this week. The Heat play Tues/Thurs/Sat.

    -Same for Troy Daniels, who got 13 3s (56 points) in the same span before only getting two 3s on Saturday. The only downer is Devin Booker (hand) will kill his value if he returns. Owners of Daniels should be on it regarding Booker’s situation. The Suns burn Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat.

    -Nick Young is now the new starter. Klay is still out. So is Steph. So is K.D. Enter the Swagon- Nick got 18.0 points and 3.0 threes last week, and he’ll keep getting open shots in the Dubbs’ system with or without the All-Stars. Andre Iguodala is an option if you need a more well-rounded stat line instead of points and 3s. The Bay plays Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -Luke Kennard’s been getting plenty of tic and put up 13.3 points, 1.5 threes and 1.0 steals on 53.8 percent shooting. Detroit has games Mon/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -Marco Belinelli was en fuego off the bench last week with 17.0 points and 3.0 threes. For deep-leaguers, Philly goes Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun.

    -30 Deep Special: Shabazz Muhammad barely got any run after signing with the Bucks, but Giannis’ ankle injury and Jabari Parker getting promoted to the starting lineup has opened up a big gap for scoring off the bench, and Muhammad stepped up. In two games sans Greek Freak, Shabazz notched an expected 16.5 points on an anomalous 75 percent from the field with an unexpected 1.0 threes and 1.5 steals. Now, will Giannis miss any more games? The Bucks run Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sun.

    Small Forwards

    -Moe Harkless has top-75 value over the last two weeks with 12.7 points, 1.8 threes, 1.0 steals and 0.7 blocks. Portland blazes Tues/Weds/Fri/Sun.

    -Reggie Bullock did what he does returning 13.8 points and 2.8 threes on 52.1 percent from the floor last week. Detroit revs up Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun.

    -Slo-Mo Kyle Anderson got his 1.8 steals but was fairly underwhelming elsewhere except for a small field goal boost. The Spurs jingle Tues/Thurs/Sun.

    -Lance Stephenson had an unexpected burst of efficiency bumping him into the top-100 for last week with 14.5 points, 1.5 threes and 1.0 steal. Indy plays Tues/Thurs/Sun.

    -Justin Jackson looked decent last week (by hitting some open shots) and is an option in deeper leagues with 12.3 points, and 1.7 threes. When he cools off, let him go. The Kings go Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -Dillon Brooks was a bum last week as so many injuries and overall unorganized play by the Grizzlies didn’t give him an ideal situation to succeed. His 11.0 points and low 1.0 threes was super inefficient and he barely got in the top-300 for the week. Memphis plays Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun if you can’t find anyone else.

    Power Forwards

    -JaMychal Green won a lot of owners last week with his 12.5 points, 1.3 threes, 11.5 boards and 1.6 stocks. Memphis plays Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun.

    -Marcus Morris dropped 22.3 points and 3.3 per game last week. Boston goes Mon/Weds/Sat.

    -The bottom fell out of Jae Crowder last week with barely top-240 value. The Jazz play Weds/Fri/Sun if he picks it up at some point.

    -Weekly Marquese Chriss Watch: hit for double-digit scoring in four consecutive games and got 1.0 blocks in the same span. I’ll leave it at that lest I jinx him. Phoenix goes Mon/Weds/Fri/Sat.


    -John Collins (ankle) returned to action and both he and Dewayne Dedmon look like good plays, though Collins re-tweaked his ankle on Friday. Atlanta flies Weds/Fri/Sun which is bleh.

    -Skal Labisierre came through with some uneven play last week but is still an option at center and plays Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -Jarrett Allen is a better option at the 5 and but only plays Weds/Sat/Sun which is not optimal.

    -Jordan Bell has been starting for Draymond Green (pelvic contusion) and got 1.0 steals and 1.7 blocks last week. With everyone else seemingly out, Draymond might be the healthiest of the All-Stars and will probably be the first to see the court. When that happens, Bell gets downgraded. The Dubbs go Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun.

    -With enough minutes even guys like Cristiano Felicio can put up 13.5 points and 7.8 boards on 65.7 percent from the field and 88.9 percent from the line. That’s a roto special.  The Bulls tank Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sun.

    -Montrezl Harrell resurrected his top-125 value last week, though in diminished fashion. If 15.5 points on 61 percent shooting floats you boat, the Clippers float Tues/Weds/Fri/Sun.

    -Willy Hernangomez has gotten off the bench but still has Dwight in front of him. Maybe Howard will pick up some more techs and really free Willy. Last week, including a game without D12, Willy got 8.8 points, 7.3 boards and 1.0 blocks in 16.9 minutes a game. He could be sneaky good to close the season in deep leagues with desirable games on Mon/Weds/Thurs/Sat.

    -Kyle O’Quinn was unimpressive last week but still got 5.5 boards and 1.0 blocks last week. He’s on the radar if he picks it up and the Knicks suit up Mon/Weds/Sat.

    -Nerlens Noel got top-15 value last week! That was just in two games though, as Noel continues to sit one every back-to-back (which means he’ll miss one of the Tues/Weds set, plus games on Fri/Sun) and splitting games with Salah Mejri. Good luck figuring out which one he’ll play in to get that awesome 3.0 steals and 1.5 blocks.  Also, keep an eye on Dwight Powell to see if he can get it going again.

    Random Observations

    – I really hate the loaded Sundays that end Weeks 23 and 24. That makes it really hard to save adds for the next week or even appraise end of week projections. I’ll probably use all my adds just to have some peace of mind, and even then…

    -I walked into Target this one day and saw a giant hovered over the self-checkout machine. It was Robin Lopez! I said “Robin Lopez, what up!” all loud like I knew him. He looked up distractedly and said “hey.” This other customer approached him, cellphone up, and asked “can I get a pic?” Robin was like “Nah.” Hahaha. I feel him. I’d be ducking fools if I had to deal with this organization too. #outtahere

    -Derrick Rose supporters are the worst. They all like… It’s funny how blinded they are, but also sad because cognitive bias is extremely evident and there are biases which affect each and every one of us. It’s only by examining ourselves, finding our biases and working on them can we grow as individuals. Also this is a journey of self-discovery; worry about your own biases, not any of others.

    Taking it easy so I don’t tear, sprain or fracture anything,

    Ask me anything here.

    Follow Hoop-Ball Fantasy for hoops related news and updates.

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